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FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham High School Drama Company will present SHREK- THE MUSICAL on Friday, May 28th and Saturday, May 29th at 8 p.m. in the Memorial Garden at Framingham High School.

In person seating is extremely limited for these performances.

However, ticket requests are open to the public as of today, May 7.

The show will also be streamed live through if you are unable to get an in person seat. 


Once you have been contacted by Leslie Dowst, our faculty house manager confirming your performance and number of tickets – you can submit payment in check form payable to The City of Framingham. 

Not all ticket requests will be filled.

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Shrek: Alex McLaughlin 

Fiona: Hannah Bossange

Donkey: Nyosha Homicil

Lord Farquaad: Ethan Kerr

Pinocchio: Eva Taub

Giny/ Sugar Plum Fairy: Maya Puffer

Dragon: Sarah Morales

Young Fiona: Sanika Agrawal

Teen Fiona: Emily Spalding

3 Blind Mice/ Knights: Hadley Connor, Ailadis Hernandez de Leon, Amelia Klippenstein

Mama Ogre: Sarah Spalti

Papa Ogre: Brian Fintonis

Young Shrek: Peter Courchesne

Queen Lillian: Carly Nestor

King Harold: Brock Hoey

Fairytale Creatures

Shoemaker’s Elf: Brock Hoey

Fairy Godmother: CJ Till

Wicked Witch: Gabby Rodrigues

Papa Bear: Miles Bishop

Mama Bear: Sonnet Shea

Baby Bear: Anna Adams

3 Pigs: Larissa Goncalves, Christina Mula, Olivia Palmer

Peter Pan: Tyler Garofalo

Mad Hatter: Elijah Jenkins

White Rabbit: Achilles Hicks

Ugly Duckling: Annabel Francis

Little Red: Rachel Varley

Humpty Dumpty: Thalia Santos

Big Bad Wolf: Angela Ssekanjako

Little Bo Peep: Rianna Lawrence

Dragon Puppeteers

Caitlyn Doucette (Lead Puppeteer)

Alex Lopez

Carly Nestor

Jenna Saxon

Sarah Spalti

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Rat Tappers

Hadley Connor

Larissa Goncalves

Amelia Klippenstein 

Isabella Medina

Olivia Palmer

Thalia Santos

Emily Spalding

CJ Till

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Duloc Dancers

Anna Adams

Hadley Connor

Casey Corcoran

Brian Fintonis

Larissa Goncalves

Amelia Klippenstein 

Isabella Medina

Carly Nestor

Olivia Palmer

Thalia Santos

Sarah Spalti

CJ Till

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Happy Villagers/ Knights/ Wedding Guests

Maya Bishop

Emmalene Caruso

Casey Corcoran

Isabella Eeson

Angelina Gonzalez

Maya Gonzalez

Janie Harris

Elwyn Jacobs

Clara Noggle

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Captain of the Guard: Casey Corcoran

Bishop: Brian Fintonis

Dwarf: Janie Harris

Pied Piper: Brian Fintonis

Bluebird: Amelia Klippenstein

Production Team

Directors/Producers: Chris Brindley and Donna Wresinski

Music Director: Ethan Lobenstine

Choreographer: Lauren Spagnuolo

Technical Director: Peter Birren

Scenic and Lighting Design: Chris Fournier

Costume and Wig Design: Brian Simons

Sound Design: Mark DeLuzio

Puppet Design: Do Sets Design

Faculty House Manager/ Artwork Design: Leslie Adams Dowst

Production Stage Manager: Katrina Barrett

Assistant Stage Managers: Bridget Donovan and Maddy Wissler

Lighting and Sound Crew Head: Bridget Donovan

Sound Board Ops/ Playback: Haley Hein and Cam Norris 

Lighting and Sound Crew: Alina Chaparian, Evan Hein, Haley Hein, Emma Mackay, Cam Norris, Jenna Saxon, Domenic Scalzi, Owen Sellers

Scenic Crew Head: Madison Chan

Scenic Crew: Emma Beckman, Savannah Johnson, Kaylee Lambert, Meghan McCluskey, Matthew Schneider

Costume Crew Head: Lily Karofsky

Costume Crew: Natalie Carson, Vicky Clifford, Katie Najarian, Jessie Namulindwa, Joantrina Nantaba, Carol Ssekanjako

Props Crew Head: Jenna Saxon

Publicity Head: Haley Hein

Video Promotions: Diego Castrillo-Vilches

Live Stream Production Team

Director/Producer of Live Stream: Danny Zack

Co-Producer of Live Stream: Bradley Groleau

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Framingham High Studios Team: 

Katie Knox

Yume Shapiro

Colby Beck

Lily Swallow

Jay Atal

Chloe Mills

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Susan Petroni is the former editor for SOURCE. She is the founder of the former news site, which as of May 1, 2023, is now a self-publishing community bulletin board. The website no longer has a journalist but a webmaster.