Framingham Traffic Commission Wants Council To Override Odd-Even Parking Regulation on Pine Street


By Luke Canavan


FRAMINGHAM – Pine street parking issues were discussed at the Framingham Traffic Commission meeting earlier this week.

One resident, who lives in the apartment complex right on Pine Street, had issues with the current parking situation,stating the odd/even regulation is prohibitive because it equates to a lesser number of parking spaces.

People who don’t have parking stickers constantly take up spaces, and the City seems to be doing very little about it, he said.

The Framingham Traffic Commission had questions as to whether or not the people without stickers were being ticketed, and the resident said that they are, but that it does not stop them from parking there.

Framingham Police Lt. Harry Wareham said Tuesday night the current odd/even parking situation does indeed present some safety challenges for the police and fire departments, and that keeping it to one side would be important.

After some discussion, the Commission arrived at the potential idea of changing the parking requirements on Pine Street.

The Commission voted on a motion to override the citywide odd/even parking regulation rule on Pine Street, and only allow parking on the even side of the street, providing 9 additional spaces.

The vote passed, five to one.

The Traffic Commission will now have to bring the issue forward to the Framingham City Council, for a required vote.

If it is approved, Pine Street will become even parking only and will be re-signed.


Luke Canavan is a 2021 SOURCE spring intern. He is a senior at UMass Amherst.


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