Resident To Framingham Traffic Commission: Old Conn Path is a ‘Drag Race’

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By Luke Canavan


FRAMINGHAM – the Framingham Traffic Commission discussed speeding on Old Connecticut Path at its meeting on Tuesday night, April 27.

“It’s like a drag race. Nobody’s doing anything about it,” said Framingham resident Ed Ferrara. “The police [aren’t] doing anything about it. The City isn’t doing anything about it.”

“I’m afraid my son is going to run out here at some point, he is one year old, and he’s going to get killed,” said Ferrara to the Commission.

“It’s a wide street, so [the drivers] feel like they can do it. There’s just no mercy,” Ferrara said Tuesday night. “Sometimes I go out to put my trash out and I’m afraid I’m not going to come back.”

Framingham Police Lieutenant Harry Wareham said they were aware of the issue.

Lt. Wareham said police department had an officer out there recently, and that about 50 citations were given in just a few days.

Traffic Commission Chair William Sedewitz recognized the problem, but said identifying solutions is not always straightforward, and sometimes there is not a lot they can do in a situation such as this.

The Commission said it would continue to the agenda item to a future meeting to discuss potential solutions, and possibly take action once more money becomes available with next year’s budget. The new fiscal year begins on July 1.


Luke Canavan is a 2021 SOURCE intern. He is a senior at UMass Amherst.


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