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FRAMINGHAM – Tryouts for the champion Framingham High School cheerleaders were held the last week of February.

Due to COVID, the squad wasn’t formed in spring 2020 but winter 2021.

“Tryouts went considering well considering all the COVID protocols,” said long-time Flyers cheer coach Sue Pereira. “They looked a lot different than they have in the past, as we were not encouraged to have the candidates stunt with multiple partners.”

Pereira said “we brought the potential cheerleaders in in groups of ten and spaced them 6 feet apart and did limited judging of singular elements and gymnastics.”

Everyone who tried out had to submit COVID tests, this year along with physicals and their athletic registration. 

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“The Trainer, Elise Makowski and our athletic department of Paul Spear and Ashley Paulsen moved mountains to help us stay safe and give the kids the opportunity to get back to doing what they love,” said Periera.

“We had some athletes decide to opt out due to COVID restrictions ,” said Periera.

Thirty-two individuals tried out.

“Happy to say that we found places for them all in our program,” said the head coach.

“Our seven seniors will be leading our team this compacted season.  The season is the newly-created fall 2 season under the MIAA, due to COVID.

“We felt that they all bring something special to the program in regards to leadership,” said Periera.

The seniors are “Sophie Albright, Anaisy Casado, Italya Bello, Kaya Glass, Taylor Cutler, Megan Innis and Sophia Wallenstein,” said Periera.

The first week in March is National Cheerleading Week.

“We are looking forward to cheering at 5 football games for Varsity and Sub-varsity teams.  There has been some talk among league coaches about some virtual competing but nothing has been confirmed,” said Pereira. “The situation is fluid and constantly in flux.  Coaches and athletes are being patient, flexible and grateful to have even a smidge of normalcy.  We are taking it day-by-day, trying to remain safe and offer our kids something they have been missing.”

The rest of the Flyers squad includes: Mary Bace, Layza Coehlo, Layssa Santos, Sydney Anderson, Aaliyah Aga, Yednelis Santana, Alyssa Brandolini, Ava Heitman, Haley Perez, Kaylani Santana, Julia Ottaviani, Keira Wiltshire, Amani Rivera, and Ana Chaves.

Brandy Chartier will coach them along with Periera.

JV cheerleaders are Kristina Evans, Samantha Wallenstein, Hannah Wallenstein, Natalia Guiterrez, Kyra Busenburg, Morgan Giovone, Eveline Costa, Celina Rodrigues, Meghan Hays, Angela Middleton, and Mary Carney. They will be coached by Maureen Tolan, Kelly Bober and Caley Boylan, said Pereira.


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