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FRAMINGHAM – I am reading on the SOURCE that the first female Black mayor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been named to the transition team for the soon-to-be sworn in first Black Mayor of Boston.

Boston City Council President Kim Janey will take over duties as Boston’s Mayor when Marty Walsh resigns to become a part of President Joseph Biden’s cabinet.

Elected in 2018, Janey has named Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer to be on her transition team, along with Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddqui. The two female mayors of color will serve as honorary co-chairs of the Transition Committee.

Can someone tell me why this is a good thing?

Ms. Spicer has been great for her photo ops but what has she done for the City of Framingham?

[broadstreet zone=”59946″]

We have a huge water and sewer deficit, our services have gone done the tubes our taxes have gone up and will continue to go up, she doesn’t respond to residents with genuine concerns, continues to hire for her pet positions and disregards her residents/constituents while she appears to be trying to send herself to higher office. And she has ignored residents that have questions about how to try to save money in Framingham and yet she has time to be on a transition team for someone seriously. Why is this a good thing?

She needs to start doing her job and be concerned about the city that is paying for her salary, her car, her benefits and her driver.

Why does the media constantly cite Women of Color? Race, gender, sexual orientation should not matter what matters is doing the job that you are being paid for and doing it well.

Donna Schaefer


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