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Written By Caroline Lanni


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FRAMINGHAM – Howard Fafard, 79, a real estate icon in MetroWest, died on Saturday January, 30, 2021, at his home in his sleep.

Howard Farfard was born on Nov. 25, 1941 and spent most of his life living in Massachusetts. He lived in Florida for some time.

Fafard was known for being a true legend in the building business.

Fafard started in the building business during his late 20’s in many different towns across the MetroWest area.

Fafard spent his last 30 years working in Ashland, on larger projects to benefit the Town and the people in it. He assisted in home building, but also contributed to building and owning shopping centers, offices, and industrial parks in many different locations.

Fafard stretched out his outgoing personality to all those around him.

He mentored the younger generation that showed interest in the constructional business and formed lifelong friendships throughout the industry.

He was a big-time realtor in New England, according to several.

His motto according to his wife Madlyn Fafard was, “We are known for value!”

Family friend Doug Stephan said he knew Fafard for 45 years, as they had been friends since the late 70’s.

Stephan said Fafard was best known for his work in developing land.

“He had a great eye,” said Stephan.

Fafard started in the 80’s an e-condo business that had hundreds of condos being built starting in Ashland at the corner of Route 126.

Fafard assisted with helping farms in Ashland and building those up to help the community. Fafard had a lot of early success in Ashland and impacted a lot of communities in Massachusetts.

He and Madlyn had a very successful real estate business and filled a lot of homes in Framingham and Ashland, said the owner of Eastleigh Farm.

“Fafard was very much a New Englander,” said Stephan.

Another family friend Phil Ottaviani Jr. said “Howard was a true legend in the real estate construction industry, and he touched so many lives for the better.”

Fafard leaves Madlyn, his wife of nearly 50 years.

Mrs. Fafard said when it came to celebrating Valentine’s day, her husband would do something spectacular for her.

One memorable gift was when they purchased Madlyn’s dream house in Palm Beach, which was a mansion owned once by Yoko Ono, and John Lennon. Mr. and Mrs. Fafard shared their good fortune with their business associates and friends from Massachusetts to enjoy parties in that ballroom.

Fafard was a family man and is leaving a number of children, grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

He is also leaving a devoted and loving work family, one being at Fafard Real Estate.

Funeral arrangements are privately being held and nothing is planned right now due to the COVID pandemic.

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