OP-ED: Common Sense Public Education – If Factual – is the Cornerstone To Our Democracy

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By Daniel Gittelsohn and Jason Schoener


FRAMINGHAM – Writing this letter is something I never thought would be necessary. Now with the pick of our next Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, this letter, and our Google Meets are to inform you how important it is that we have open discussions about what is being taught today and what is possible to be taught tomorrow in our education system. Especially when the students return to in-class learning which should have already happened.

Children are the seeds to the survival of our country, as seeds are our lifeline to food. If our seeds are corrupted our survival will diminish as the same can be said if our children are corrupted with questionable or false information the survival of our country will also diminish. The truth is there were
many horrible actions that have taken place in our country. However, we are the only country on the planet where many of these wrongs have been righted. We still make mistakes because we are not, and unfortunately will never be, perfect. Many of the current wrongs are intentional which is horrible, but most of us work to right those wrongs. Minorites make more money and have more freedoms in North America than any other country in the world and that is why I would only want to live in here where equality is attainable. More than one million people from around the world try to come to North America each year and the simple reason is because we offer hope, change, and opportunity to anyone.

The indoctrination in our schools throughout the country by School Unions, School Committees, Superintendents, Mayors, and others is something we as the leaders of our children and true owners of the education system should be audited by us and not them. Teaching children that they are privileged
based on the color of their skin is the very definition of racism. It places a strenuous burden of guilt on the child who know nothing about racism, privilege, or guilt. They must learn about those issues from their parents/family.

By allowing the schools to teach their values to our children is definition of child abuse! If we stay silent and allow them to teach fiction, we are failing our children. If minorities are to believe that we are and always have been a racist society only anger and confusion will build within them thus springing us towards a Socialist/Marxist/Communist Out-of-Control Nation.

For example, what happened at the Capital was a disgrace and they should all be arrested and charged. However, the same can be said about what BLM and Antifa did all summer and into the fall. They were allowed to burn down cities, cause massive violence including killings and beatings of innocent people, and the destruction of more than 1,500 businesses.

Our leaders on the Left and the media looked the other way while our law enforcement were not allowed to enforce the laws that keep us a civilized society. They should all be held accountable, be arrested, and charged.

What BLM/Antifa did has not been shown across the country to the children, but what happened at the Capital has been. What teachers feel about the news should never be discussed, but too many times it has been.

Superintendent (Robert) Tremblay wrote a wonderful letter to educators across the state that says teachers should keep their personal
feeling to themselves. I will be happy to forward you a copy, upon request.

The Google Meets are so you can be informed about what your children are being taught. The reason this was started was because of the letter from ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, Native American) which was sent to certain people by the president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association Merrie
Najimi. It is a racist letter. If anyone wants a copy of the letter, I will email it to you, upon request.

One of the greatest things about the U.S.A. and our Constitution is you can read the letter and form your own opinion.

Is the information your children are learning at school the same information you teach your children at home? If it is then you are not going to object to it, but if it is not then you might.

This open discussion is to hear all thoughts.

The easiest mind to infiltrate is a child’s mind. Let us protect our children’s minds by feeding them real information.

Let us fill them with the truth about our past, even if what happened in the past was bad. By doing this maybe we can avoid the horrors of the past from being repeated. If we erase history then history will always repeat itself. Our children are our future leaders.

Please share this letter with any parent/taxpayer you wish and join us on January 29 at 7 p.m.

If you email me, I will add your name to the Google Meet invitation

If you have any questions or comments please email me at ourschoolsourchildren2020@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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