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FRAMINGHAM – Framingham Department of Public Works (DPW) Fire Alarm Superintendent Wayne Bolduc retired from the City today, january 8, after 27 years.

Bolduc, a licensed master electrician by trade, began his public sector career as the Fire Alarm Superintendent in 1993 for the Framingham Fire Department, overseeing the municipal fire alarm system, according to the City of Framingham.

His duties included maintaining the fire dispatch reporting system, street and master fire alarm box installation and maintenance, traffic signal maintenance, and installing and repairing aerial and underground fire alarm cables. He has also been instrumental in keeping the Fire Department radio system and station alerting system operating and supporting the Fire Prevention Bureau with their construction plan reviews and private fire alarm system acceptance testing, said the City in a social media post.

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The City’s municipal fire alarm system is one of the most reliable means of notification to the Fire Department.

Master boxes are most commonly found in commercial buildings.

When an alarm goes off, the Fire Department is notified immediately over a City-managed copper cables network.

This system is reliable during power and phone company outages.

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In 2018, the City’s fire alarm system’s management, street lights, and traffic control systems were consolidated into a new Lighting and Signals Division within DPW, which Bolduc was brought over to head up,

In addition to managing the municipal fire alarm system, the Division maintains the City’s crosswalk signals and approximately 4,600 street lights.

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Photos and post courtesy of the Framingham Fire Department & DPW

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