LETTER: Dr. Wong & His Team Performing Critical Role To Keep Citizen Safe During Pandemic

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FRAMINGHAM – Dr Sam Wong and his team are performing a critical role to keep us safe during this pandemic.

Dr. Wong’s professional expertise is critical to preventing the spread of the coronavirus, monitoring quarantines, and keeping us healthy. Our public health professionals are working long hours and risking their lives every day to protect us. They deserve our utmost respect and support.

We are all in this together. Our cooperation is imperative to keep Framingham safe. We expect officials who are responsible for public safety to promote the advice of the experts and reinforce protective health messages, so we are fully informed on how best to protect ourselves and our families.

Otherwise, confusion increases and the will to follow the experts is diminished, leading to increased spread of the coronavirus and greater economic impact.

History will judge communities on how well they responded to the coronavirus pandemic and whether they supported their public health officials during the emergency. In 1918, the Framingham townspeople had fewer deaths from the influenza pandemic because they supported and followed the
advice of their public health officials.

Fellow citizens, please stay informed about the complexities associated with managing this coronavirus pandemic and offer your support, cooperation and utmost respect to Dr. Sam Wong and all the public health and frontline workers. They deserve nothing less.

Kathleen Hursen, RN, MS



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