Keefe Tech Superintendent: Respect, Inclusiveness and Seeing Our Diverse Community Is A Tremendous Strength During These ‘Unsettled’ Times

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Editor’s Note: The Keefe Technical Superintendent of Schools Jonathan Evans issued this statement tonight, after the attack on the U.S. Capitol today in Washington DC


FRAMINGHAM – “As we begin the new year, while there is great hope for better days on the horizon, there is also much to be upset about today.  Like me, I am sure many members of our school community found today’s events in Washington DC to be disturbing, confusing and unsettling.  In our democracy, there is an expectation that people can express diverse opinions in a respectful and peaceful manner.  This is certainly not what we saw today,” wrote Keefe Technical Superintendent of Schools Jonathan Evans to families tonight, january 6.

“This seems like an appropriate time to reaffirm a commitment to the values that make our district so special.  These include respect, inclusiveness and seeing our diverse community as a tremendous strength. These are among the pillars that make Keefe Tech a great place to go to school and a great place to work,” wrote Supt. Evans.

“Our counselors are prepared to connect with students and provide support in response to concerns generated by these events.  Please do not hesitate to reach out by phone or email to a counselor for any student in need,” the Superintendent told families. “I look forward to seeing more of our students on campus some time soon, reaffirming these values in person, and working with all of our community in making 2021 a brighter year.”


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