Group of Parents Hosting Meeting Tuesday Night On Framingham Schools

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FRAMINGHAM – A group of parents of school-aged children are hosting a meeting in Google Meet on Tuesday night, December 22 to discuss the Framingham Schools.

The focus is on the curriculum in the public school system, and its policies.

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. To join:

All are invited, those who have children in the schools and Framingham taxpayers, said the organizer.

“I assume that many parents/taxpayers in Framingham are in the dark about what is really going on in our schools and throughout the state,” said one of the organizers Dan Gittelsohn, who lives in District 3.

The Google Meet is to “discuss what is happening now and what could be happening soon. All opinions will be listened to and all opinions will be respected whether they are agreed upon or not. I would like this to be an open discussion,” he said.

“I sent the e-mails to (Superintendent Bob) Tremblay and we did have a video meet for about 40 minutes. I thought it was a good discussion but now I do not think it was authentic. He told me that he wants the schools opened as soon as possible but now he appears to be repeating what (Health Director Sam) Wong and Mayor (Yvonne) Spicer want him to say. We must keep them closed. You can either be a leader or a follower and right now he appears to be a follower, but not a follower of the science,” said Gittelsohn.

Gittlesohn said he “forwarded the e-mails to a few different city officials/elected and finally it was told to me that George King was in possession of the e-mails. I asked for them to be distributed to every member of the City Council and to Mayor Spicer. I also sent the e-mails to the School Committee and to Superintendent Bob Tremblay. I only received one response from a School Committee Member, and I did not agree with most of it. However, at least he replied the others simply ignored it. I believe they all work for us.”

If you have questions about the Google Meet email


email: call or text at 508-315-7176