UPDATED: 21 Framingham Restaurants, Daycares, & Businesses Reported Positive COVID Employees in November

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Updated on December 21. See editor’s note below.

FRAMINGHAM – In November, more than 20 businesses, restaurants, and day care centers reported more than 50 employees positive with COVID-19, according to City of Framingham records, obtained by SOURCE via a FOIA request.

By law, any establishment that has a positive COVID employee is required to notify the Framingham Board of Health.

The City of Framingham has not been publishing this information for the public, and establishments have not always been transparent, either.

For those reasons, SOURCE, requested the list of businesses in the City that reported a positive COVID employee in the month of November, through a federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The digital news outlet on December 3 requested a list of all establishments that notified the City’s Board of Health with a COVID positive employee in the month of November. That list was provided to the news outlet today, December 16 after 12 p.m.

One establishment reported a dozen employees in November.

One business reported 7 employees positive on November 17.

Four day cares had positive cases.

A half dozen food establishments had positive cases, along with several retail outlets.

In Massachusetts, if an employee, customer, or vendor of restaurant tests positive or is presumed to be positive for COVID-19, the restaurant must immediately shut down for at least 24 hours, cleaning and disinfecting in accordance with CDC guidelines before reopening.

The Commonwealth set guidelines for all types of businesses on what must be done if an employee tests positive.

The establishments were:

Dunkin’ Restaurant 692 Cochituate Road – employee on November 4

Niposul Furniture Retail 145 Concord St – 3 employees on November 13

Teddy Bear Day Care Child Care 63 Fountain Street – 1 employee on Nov. 16

52 Launch Office 1630 Concord Street – 7 employees reported on November 17

Bernardi Toyota Retail 1626 Worcester Rd – 1 employee reported on November 17

Drone Home Office Office 1630 Concord Street – 1 employee reported on November 17

First Circle Learning Child Care 27 Cherry Street – 1 employee reported on November 17

Alliance BJJ Sport 16 Concord St – 9 employees on November 21 and 3 more employees on November 29

Ski Haus Retail 686 Worcester Rd – 1employee on November 24

TGI Friday’s Restaurant 1 Worcester Rd – 2 employees on Nov, 25

Bella Costa Restaurant 147 Cochituate Rd -1 employee on Nov. 27

Dia Feliz Adult Care 63 Fountain St – 2 employees on November 29

Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Hospital 1 Worcester Rd – 2 employees on November 30

Nordstrom Rack Retail 1 Worcester Rd 1 employee on November 30

SMOC Day Care Child Care 12 Roxanna Street – 3 employees on November 30

T.J.Maxx Retail 1 Worcester Rd 1- 1 employee on Nov. 30

Padaria Brasil Restaurant 165 Concord Street – 2 employees on November 30

Adesa Other 63 Western Ave – 1 employee on Nov. 13

Target Retail-Food 400 Cochituate Rd – one employee on November 19, one on November 27, and one on November 20

Wendy’s Restaurant 1699 Worcester Rd – one employee on November 4, two on November 13, and one November 25

UPDATED: YMCA Fitness Center 280 Old Connecticut Path – one employee on November 13 and another employee on November 23

Editor’s note: The City of Framingham’s chart supplied to the news outlet on December 16 indicated 5 cases for the YMCA. A new chart supplied to the digital news outlet on December 21, showed only two cases. The City of Framingham made the error and the news outlet updated the report when notified of the city’s mistake.


Below is the spreadsheet the City of Framingham provided in response to the FOIA request by SOURCE


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