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FRAMINGHAM – Police are seeking a man involved into in maybe two incidents in downtown Framingham on Saturday night, including an armed robbery on Kendall Street. Only one location was robbed, but police believe the same man was involved in both calls.

At 8:13 p.m December 13, a man entered El Picante on Route 135 and “walked to the rear refrigerator and retrieved a Coke. This man then made his way to the cash register, and paid for the Coke with a one-dollar bill and a quarter. When (the clerk) took the money from the man he then put his hand in his jacket pocket and proceeded to gesture as if he had a weapon in his pocket. With  his hand in his pocket, this man then then tapped his jacket onto the  counter while saying give me the money,” said Framingham Police Lt. Patricia Grigas.

The clerk told police “there was something hard in his pocket which she presumed to be a firearm,” said Lt. Grigas. The clerk then “told the man she could not open the register’s and told her co-worker to call 9-1-1.”

Lt. Grigas said the man left the store when he heard police were called.

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About 30 minutes later, police received a report of an armed robbery at 133 Kendall Street.

The man then left the store   when he heard police were called.

At 8:34 p.m. police said a man “in a green winter jacket, black ski mask, and blue pants, approach the counter and stated ‘open the register,” said Lt. Grigas.

The clerk thought it was a joke but the man said “hurry up,” according to police.

Clerk told police when he gave the male the money in the cash register, he did not know what direction the man went after leaving the store.

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“Suspect may have stopped just outside the store and hand an unidentified female a bill $100 bill from his jacket pocket,” according to police.

The man was wearing a “green winter jacket with fur on the hood, a black ski mask, brown gloves with black palms, blue pants with a blue stripe down the side, and black shoes,” said Lt. Grigas. 


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