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FRAMINGHAM – This weekend Framingham High School Head Coach, Ed Mantie provided an update to the players regarding the football season including practices for the coming season.

This is still a work in progress, but as of right now the football season is slated to begin during a “wedge” season on February 22 and conclude on April 25 of 2021 (between the end of the winter sports and the start of the spring sports).

How many games, schedules, and any modifications (if any) are still being worked out, but at the very least we got a football season to look forward to.  

In the meantime, he is asking his players to engage in a weekly reoccurring meeting by their position where they will be asked to record and share videos of themselves working out. The players and staff will provide feedback on the session. 

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Coach is extremely excited for the season and would love the community’s help in raising some money to make it a memorable one especially for our seniors who have had to wait way too long to play some football.

The FHS Gridiron Club and the football program are running a 2-week sale in the hopes of creating some fun team spirit and an opportunity for all of us to support the football program even though we have not yet been on the field. 

This is an unprecedented time and one that will be etched in our memories forever.

To capture this moment, a t-shirt has been created to represent how Framingham Football F.I.G.H.T!’s (Fearless, Intense, Gritty, Hardworking, and Tough, our team slogan)! A commemorative shirt along with other apparel is available for purchase. 

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With every purchase of special “COVID-wear” you will get a FREE Flyer facemask. (We will need these upon re-entry to school so it’s a great deal).

The proceeds raised will help with the purchase of our new football uniforms and other needed equipment. 

UPDATED: Click HERE to access the online store from through October 19.

personal donations can be made to the Gridiron Club viaVenmo or PayPal:Venmo (@FHS-Gridiron)PayPal (  

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