Police Called To Framingham Office Building Hosting Parties With DJ and Alcohol 3 Times in 3 Weeks


FRAMINGHAM – During the month of August, Framingham Police responded to an office building across the street from Framingham District Court for large, loud gatherings. Each time, the officers, observed more than 100 people partying in a “club-like” atmosphere, with red solo cups, a DJ, and few attendees wearing face coverings.

The state is still in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, and the Governor issued an order in August that limited the number of individuals for indoor gatherings to a maximum of 25 people in a single enclosed area, and those that were not related to each other were required to wear a face covering.

Framingham’s Health Director Sam Wong and Mayor Yvonne Spicer have both said repeatedly large gatherings are contributing to Framingham’s increased COVID cases.

In late August, Framingham was named one of the high-risk communities for the coronavirus by the state.

Framingham is one of the 6 communities with a high-risk of transmission of the virus that the state is providing assistance to.

Framingham Police Lt. Jorge Ruiz said the parties police responded to in August did violate the state’s gatherings order and did violate the city’s COVID order, but since alcohol was not sold just served there was no license violation pending to the Framingham License Commission.

At no time, in August did the City issue the property owner with a COVID fine. The City announced on September 14 it would begin issuing $500 fines for property owners and individuals violating the gatherings order.

The first $500 fine was issued on September 11.

The property at 615 Concord Street is owned by Anthony Gagliardi of Wayland. SOURCE tried to reach him for comment and could not reach him as of the publishing of this report.

SOURCE learned of the office building renting out its space for parties through a Freedom of Information request to the City’s Police Department.

The news outlet had requested a list of all gatherings the police department were called to and also requested a copy of any reports the police department provided to the City’s health department between August 1 and September 9.

On Friday, August 7, a Framingham Police Officer was dispatched to the area of 615 Concord Street for a noise complaint just before 11 p.m.

“615 Concord Street is a small office building. The lot had many vehicles in it, which is unusual outside of regular business hours. The back ramp down to the basement had a propped door and I saw several man wearing “security” shirts who appeared to be bouncers. I observed bouncers frisking people entering the building. There was loud music and men and women dressed in party attire coming in and out, some with red Solo cups in hand. Inside I
observed a night club style setting, with dancing, dim lights, and loud music. There were an estimated 75 people inside,” wrote the officer in her report.

“I was approached by a female who identified herself as Luciene Siquiera Silva. She stated that she had rented the basement for a party for her birthday. She showed me a contract on her phone, which I was unable to read due to it being in Portuguese, but she identified it as a rental contract to
hold the party in the basement tonight. The header of the contract read, Cotton Candy Party Decorations,” wrote the officer in the police report.

While on the scene police “located a large amount of alcoholic beverage, which was subsequently secured in a locked room. Ms. Silva stated that the alcohol was not for sale, but was free for her party guests,” wrote the officer in his police report.

“Silva put me in touch on her phone with Mauro Desouza, who she identified as the person she had rented the space from. Mr. Desouza stated that he rents the basement of 615 Concord Street for his party supply business. He stated that Ms. Silva had hired a bartender as part of their agreement. When asked if he had obtained any permits from the City of Framingham Mr. Desouza stated that he was not sure and stated that he would need to talk to his business partner,” wrote the Police officer in the report.

SOURCE contacted Desouza of Cotton Candy Productions. He told the news outlet today, September 22, he was in Florida and did not wish to make a statement today. He said he would call back the news outlet on Monday.

On August 8, police responded to 615 Concord Street at 1 a.m. for a report of a loud party and the “possibility of a missing juvenile attending” the party.

Polie officers found a “loud party in the basement. I observed several men with “security” shirts on, and many people holding red solo cups, approximately 100 people total. … A female approached us claiming to be the “birthday girl” who was the host of the party. She displayed a “permit” to officers in which her friend had rented out the space to her so she could host the party,” wrote officers in their report.

Police “advised to keep the music down and stay indoors.”

On August 22, Police were called again to 615 Concord Street, an office building, for a party, at 9:53 p.m.

Police had “received multiple calls for a loud party and noisy cars,’ according to the police report.

When police officers arrived on the scene they “observed a large crowd of people in the rear parking lot of 615 Concord Street. I also observed approximately five individuals with black t-shirts labeled ‘security’. Upon seeing me individuals wearing ‘security’ t-shirts advised the group of people to re-enter the building. The group entered the building using the rear entrance to the basement,” wrote theofficer in his report.

“It should be noted 615 Concord Street is an office building. It should be noted the Framingham Police Department has been dispatched to this address on multiple occasions in the past for similar incidents,’ the officer noted in his report.


The officers then entered the building and “observed approximately 250 individuals inside most of which were carrying drinks in varied colored cups. None of the individuals inside the packed basement were wearing masks. I could smell the scent of burnt marijuana and observed multiple individuals utilizing ‘vape’ smoking devices. I also observed a DJ Booth with loud speakers setup in one area of the basement. The basement was setup like that of a nightclub with one room being dimly light with a DJ Booth, party lights, and decorations. The basement also contained a lighted hallway which lead to a lighted room where other individuals were hanging out,” wrote the Framingham Police Officer in his report.

Police advised everyone to leave the basement of the building. “It should be noted it took approximately ten minutes for all individuals to exit the basement from the one exit/entrance to the exterior of the building,” wrote the officer.

The police officer wrote in his report that he “spoke with Luciene Silva, who said she was hosting a party in the basement of the building for her friend’s 21st birthday party. Silva stated that she and her friend, Sara Marques, invited approximately fifty people to the party. Silva stated she rented the area of
the building from a company named, ‘Cotton Candy Party Decoration’. Silva stated she paid the company $500 for the rental and showed me the written rental contract. Marques had a photo of the contract on her phone. Marques emailed me the image of the contract. The image of the contract was placed into records. I will be notifying the Commanding Officer of the Licensing Bureau of this incident.”

As part of the Freedom of Information request, SOURCE received a list of all gatherings police were called to in the month of August and the first week of September. The police responded to the skate park on Dudley Road more than a half dozen times in September.

None of the addresses listed on the report below, including 615 Concord Street, were issued any COVID fines.

The City is now issuing $500 fines for violating the gatherings order. The first fine was not issued until September 11.

Photo courtesy of the City of Framingham Assessor’s database


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