Keefe Technical Holding Meeting For Parents Thursday Night on School Re-Opening Plan

By Sydni Williams

FRAMINGHAM – Keefe Technical School Committee met Monday night to re-evaluate their school re-opening plan.

With the new designation of Framingham as a high-risk community, the Committee decided that they may need to start the year remotely. 

in early August, Keefe Tech School Committee previously decided on a hybrid learning plan for the 2020-2021 school year; however, with the increase of coronavirus cases, they took time to re-evaluate and review.

Keefe Technical School will also hold a parent information session on September 3rd at 7 p.m.with more information. How to log into the remote meeting is on the school district’s website.

Superintendent Jonathan Evans said that “hopefully Framingham will have a change in designation and we will be in a better trajectory to go forward for in person learning in our hybrid model that has been approved by the school committee.”

“The hybrid model that we currently have approved has features of in person learning and remote learning,” he said.

However, “in the event that Framingham stays in a red status we will need to pivot in the direction of more remote learning to start the year.”
Evans continued that, “our plan in mind is to have students in our building with us absolutely as soon as possible, and as soon as it’s safe.”

For the teachers and staff, Evans said “We are over the next ten days going to be working with our faculty in preparation for a variety of models that could be available.”

Shannon Snow then explained that they’re “working very hard with teachers to prepare for a great start of the school year. ”In a faculty and staff meetings, they have began “zoom training”, with instruction on breakout rooms, polls, and the chat box, which “allows teachers to engage with students while at home.”

“If we find ourselves in remote learning either as a component of the hybrid model or in a remote learning format that there are expectations for more rigor and higher expectations and accountability for both educators and students” Evans explained. In a “situation where we cannot begin the year in the hybrid model that we have planned,” Evans expressed “that would not be the designation long term.”

The Committee also approved and passed a face-covering policy for all students, teachers, and staff to wear proper masks, not gators or other face coverings. 


Sydni Williams is a 2020 SOURCE intern. She is a student at St. Mark’s in Southborough.


email: call or text at 508-315-7176

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