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The following is a news release from the City of Framingham and published as is.


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FRAMINGHAM – Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer is seeking to fill two (2) seats on the Framingham Union Grants Panel.

Verbatim from MetroWest Health Foundation Framingham Union Grants Panel Bylaw:

“The Members of the Framingham Union Grants Panel shall be selected in the following manner and shall serve on the Framingham Union Grants Panel for a term, as follows:

The Framingham Union Grants Panel shall consist of five persons. Members of the Framingham Union Grants Panel shall be selected as follows: (i) four members shall be selected by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation from a pool of eight persons who are residents of the Town of Framingham and are nominated by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Framingham; and (ii) one member who is a resident of the Town of Framingham shall be selected by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.”

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Brief Description of Duties:

The five-member Framingham Union Grants Panel oversees the distribution of certain restricted funds of the MetroWest Health Foundation, which may, but need not be, exclusively focused on the needs of the Framingham community.  The Panel is responsible for ensuring that the use of these funds is in keeping with the mission and purposes of the Foundation, and is directed to meeting the unmet health needs of the Framingham community.

Minimum Requirements:

Framingham Union Grants Panel Members shall be Framingham residents that possess the skills and experience that contribute to the purpose and mission of the Panel and Foundation.  The Panel shall have a diversity of exposure and interests to reflect the broad interests of the Framingham community.  No Panel member shall represent any particular group or special interests except only the broad interests of the Framingham community.

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Specific Duties:

  • To become and remain familiar with the work, policies, and programs of the Panel and Foundation.
  • To become and remain familiar with issues related to the health of the community, including unmet health needs, and the role of philanthropy in society.
  • To bring to the attention of the Panel and Foundation community health issues and concerns which the Panel may wish to address.
  • To read, review, score, discuss and make recommendations regarding grant applications and proposals that are brought before the Panel.
  • To assist the Foundation in monitoring grants and programs funded through the resources of the Panel.
  • To ensure that there are no conflicts of interest or acts of self-dealing in the work of the Panel; to immediately disclose any possible conflicts of interest regarding the work of the Panel, including grant awards; and, to immediately excuse oneself from discussion and voting on any matter for which there may be a possible conflict of interest.
  • To hold in confidence information about grant decisions or other aspects of the Panel’s work that may be deemed to be sensitive in nature.
  • To prepare for, regularly attend, and actively participate in Panel meetings.
  • To promote the work of the Panel and Foundation in other venues throughout the MetroWest community.

Desired Attributes:

The Panel conducts its work through deliberations that generally lead to decisions by consensus.  It is therefore important that members come with an open mind, willing to listen to the arguments pro and con about each grant proposal.  Members should be knowledgeable about the community and the issues faced by residents.  Knowledge about health and health care is desired but not required.


For more information, contact Citizen Participation Officer, Alaa Abusalah at or 508-532-5510. 

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Susan Petroni is the former editor for SOURCE. She is the founder of the former news site, which as of May 1, 2023, is now a self-publishing community bulletin board. The website no longer has a journalist but a webmaster.