Ashland Shuts Down Restaurant For Multiple Sanitary Violations


ASHLAND – After an inspection on Monday, the Ashland Health Department has shut down a Chinese restaurant.

Cherry Blossom, located on Route 135 in Ashland, was ordered closed after an inspection on June 29. The restaurant can re-open upon fixing the issues and passing a subsequent inspection.

“Failure to correct violations cited in this report may result in suspension or
revocation of the food establishment permit and cessation of food establishment operations,” said the order.

The establishment had no COVID-19 station letter or checklist on site, as required.

Food workers were not washing hands with proper frequency, noted the inspector in the report. It was recommended the owners/management retrain staff.

Inspector found “fly and evidence of mice activity. What appears to be
mice droppings under shelving in dry storage area. Flies observed throughout kitchen.”

The inspector wrote in the report “pans and utensils are not being cleaned properly or with the proper frequency.”

The inspector discovered “several pots, pans, and cooking surface with caked on grease and food soils.”

Inspector observed cooks “using soiled wiping cloths to clean surfaces.”

Inspector discovered “ice at bar stored against stored up against damaged wall. PIC discarded. Store foods in clean and protected areas. Inside ice machine with soils. Clean inside and outside ice machine” recommended.

Inspector identified “several surfaces throughout the kitchen with caked on
grease, foods soils and debri. Establishment needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Heavy grease and soils under cookline, on walls adjacent to cookline, on hoods above cookline. Food soils and filth observed inside reach in coolers, on door handles to walkin cooler and freezer on door handles to reach
in coolers. Food particles inside door gaskets. Floors with buildup of black colored substace in several areas.”

It was recommended “establishment be proffesionally cleaned.”

The inspector found “rice out at ambient room temperature at 94.” It should be stored at 135 Fahrenheit or above.

The inspector “observed raw chicken being stored in close proximity to case of cabbage.”

Inspector found “cooked chicken at 74F” and “sprouts 58F.” Both should be maintained at 41F or below.

There were several other minor violations including food not labeled, cigarettes found in the kitchen, and food not covered when in and out of storage.

File photo of Cherry Blossom


email: call or text at 508-315-7176

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