VIDEO: Framingham Girl, 9, Rescues Baby Turkey

FRAMINGHAM – Saturday, June 27, Alina Pereira, 9, rescued a baby turkey that got separated from its mama and siblings.

The baby turkey had fallen into a cement block, and the Dunning Elementary student was able to rescue it. She will be a fifth grader in the fall.

“She crossed our yard, and about an hour later we kept on hearing loud chirping, which we thought was from one of our chicks. One of her babies fell inside a concrete block, and was left behind,” explained Pereira’s mom Ekaterina.

The turkey was rescued in the Nobscot section of Framingham.

“We are taking care of him along with our chicks, and ducklings, ironically we are experienced with birds, and have heat lamps, feeders, feed, etc, but want to reunite him with his family,” said Alina’s mom.

The family drove around looking for the mam turkey, and found three turkeys but none with babies.

“We are trying to find a wildlife rescue place that can help us,” said Alina’s mom.

“During the first 4 weeks of life, baby turkeys, called poults, are unable to fly and rely on their mother for protection,” according to the MSPCA.

“Hens hiss and ruffle their feathers to scare away predators and will only abandon the nest as a last option. When the poults are between 4 and 5 weeks old, they are able to fly 25 – 50 feet and begin to roost in trees with their mother,” according to the MSPCA.


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