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FRAMINGHAM – In preparation for the City’s trio of public beaches to open on July 1, all “three city beaches were tested earlier this week,” and Saxonville Beach “did not pass the bacterial test,” said Health Director Sam Wong.

“In accordance with the state regulation, the beach operator (in this case the Parks & Rec) is required to post a sign at the beach to alert the public.  Saxonville Beach will not be able to open to the public until it passes the bacterial test,” said Wong.

The City’s two other beaches Lake Waushakum in District 8 and Learneds Pond, off Warren Road, both passed.

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Officially, the City’s three public beaches are closed with posted signs.

Earlier this week, with temperatures above 80, several families and individuals were using both Learneds beach and Saxonville beaches, despite the signs.

Editor’s Note: Police arrived while the SOURCE photography intern was at Learned, and cleared out the individuals on City property.

“Every year, prior to the opening of any of the city’s beaches, Parks & Recreation conducts an initial inspection of the beaches for sanitary and safety conditions as required by state regulations.  This process is done weekly during the beach season, and includes testing the beach water for bacteria (E. coli),” said Framingham Parks & Recreation.
“The initial beach water testing this week resulted in an elevated count of E. coli bacteria at Saxonville Beach.  As such, the beach cannot open until the bacteria test passes the required standard.  State regulation also requires the beach operator (in this case the Parks & Recreation Department) to post a sign at the beach to alert the public,” said the City department.
“Bacterial load at different points of the pond/lake varies quite a bit.  A high bacterial count in the water collected at the beach does not mean the rest of the water body will have high bacterial counts, and vice versa.  The state regulation only requires public posting and closure at the beach, since only the beach water was tested,” said the City

The City announced yesterday, June 24, that the three beaches are scheduled to open on July 1, with lifeguards.

For the first time in a very very long time, the beach passes will be free.

Beach passes will be made available from Framingham Parks & Recreation starting Friday, June 26.

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Photos by Kayleigh O’Connor


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