LETTER: Voters Have ‘Impressive’ State Representative Candidate in Army Pilot

FRAMINGHAM – The voters of the 13th Middlesex District have the rare opportunity to vote for an impressive candidate for the Massachusetts legislature; Ingrid Centurion.  

Ingrid’s career as a U.S. Army test pilot and instructor pilot establishes that she has both physical and intellectual courage; the kind of courage that allows her to speak her mind in defense of the Constitution and of those who need a champion. When she takes an oath to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, she stands behind her words.

Whether enrolled or unenrolled, all voters should recognize that one-party states are corrupt and incompetent, and Massachusetts is a one-party state.  It is time to vote for a quality candidate who is not beholden to the one-party bosses in the legislature.

Robert Snider

Former Framingham Town Meeting Member


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