Ashland School Leaders Vow To Educate On Issues of Social Justice, Equality, & Racism’

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The following was sent to Ashland parents today. SOURCE is publishing to share with the community.


ASHLAND – The administrative team of the Ashland Public Schools would like to comment regarding the undeniable and unacceptable racial divide that has come to the forefront of our nation.

First and foremost, we are horrified by the abhorrent killing of George Floyd and other persons of color, that stem from systemic racism.

Additionally, we want to publicly state that we are disheartened and disappointed by the actions of individuals, including those who lead us nationally, regarding their response to the death of George Floyd, the attack on Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless examples of racism that continue to divide our nation.  

Each of us knows and recognizes that discrimination comes in many forms, but not one of us can understand the level of discrimination that comes with not being white. 

We cannot comprehend the pain and suffering that our students of color and their families must go through every single day. What we can do is vow to stand alongside our students and families of color and work to inform and educate ourselves and others around issues of social justice, equality, and racism.

The Ashland Public School District is committed to core values that are defined by treating ALL members of our community and world with respect, integrity, and dignity that is so rightly deserved. 

We condemn the violence and racist attacks that are explicitly directed at our students of color, immigrants, and non-Christian students and families.  We support and will defend all who are of minority status.

We will stand behind our fellow students, families, and colleagues as a United Ashland and support one another through this incredibly painful time in our history.

Part of our responsibility as educational leaders is to provide resources to all stakeholders in our community. Led by our Director of Counseling and Social-Emotional Learning, Jennifer Cutler, we have compiled a list of resources you can utilize to guide conversations with your children and learn more about what we can do as a society to help put an end to systemic racism. While these conversations are difficult, they have never been more necessary.

Please join us in denouncing the hatred and vitriol that is ever-present in our communities. 

Should any student, family member, faculty, or staff need support or resources do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Jennifer Cutler at

Stay safe and strong.

In Unity the Ashland Public Schools Administration

Jim Adams, Superintendent of Schools
Jennifer Cutler, Director of Counseling and Social-Emotional Learning
Paul Vieira, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Barbara Durand, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
Kathy Silva, Director of Student Services
Lisa Beaudin, Director of Nutrition Services
Melissa Mercon-Smith, Director of Extended Day
Stephen Marks, Director of Athletics
Sara Davidson, Director of the Pittaway School
Peter Regan, Principal of the Henry Warren School

Kate Altman, Assistant Principal of the Henry Warren School
Michael Caira, Principal of the David Mindess School
Claudia Bennett, Assistant Principal of the David Mindess School
David DiGirolamo, Principal of Ashland Middle School
Mike Morro, Assistant Principal of Ashland Middle School
Kelley St. Coeur, Principal of Ashland High School
Erina Lachapelle, Dean of Students Ashland High School
Brian Cote, Dean of Students Ashland High School



email: call or text at 508-315-7176

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