VIDEO – Framingham Mayor: ‘Peaceful Marches Are a Start To Making Your Voices Heard, But It’s Only A Start’

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Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer issued this video statement this afternoon, June 4.


FRAMINGHAM – “I’m proud of our young people who marched to City Hall and took a knee last Friday and those who marched from village Green to lay down for eight minutes and 43 seconds Wednesday. Their voices demand change, and they are being heard!

I’m gratified to see demonstrators who are NOT people of color, letting their spirits lead them to understand the plight of others. I’m uplifted to see the parents who have raised their children to respect humanity — if my brother or sister is in pain, I’m in pain.

You see, to invoke change, we must demand that systems that don’t work and have never worked are forever transformed. I know as the outrage continues to move through this community and beyond, more people will want to form protest marches, and I understand. But there’s an element of safety that is a concern as well.

Not only are we still addressing COVID-19 during the protest marches, but some communities are dealing with underlying violence, not necessarily from the protesters, but sometimes outside forces.

The peaceful marches are a start to making your voices heard, but it’s only a start. Don’t lose your momentum!

Now is the time to amplify your voice. Reach out to our legislators to ask them to craft laws to protect people and change the system. Speak to organizations that are engaged in this work on a day-to-day basis to advocate for justice. Ask those organizations, “how can I volunteer?” or “what can I do to help?” and most importantly VOTE.

You can harness this passion change not only here in the City of Framingham but across the Commonwealth and across this nation. You can help us heal. YOU can make a difference!

Until all of us are free, none of us are free !!

So use this momentum. I think about the peaceful demonstrations as the first phase. Now it’s time for action that will change our world views.

Start writing and calling legislators. Help craft a plan for our city. Join the Human Relations Commission. Volunteer for and donate resources to organizations that are working to make real changes. Some of those organizations include:

• Equal Justice Initiative
• Minnesota Freedom Fund
• Know your rights campaign
• NAACP legal defense fund
• n100 Black Men of America

So while applaud how are showing up now by peacefully marching, I implore you not to lose steam. Funnel that passion into action that will bring about change. Demand that change. NO. Expect that change. It’s not going to happen without YOU. Double down on your commitment to dismantle systems that don’t work for ALL.”


email: call or text at 508-315-7176