LETTER: Additional School Budget Cuts Will ‘Directly Impact Students’


Editor’s Note: This letter was read at the start of Tuesday night’s City Council meeting and then submitted to SOURCE for publication. City Council will vote on Mayor’s proposed budget in June.


FRAMINGHAM – We understand that times are tough and that difficult decisions need to be madebut keep this in mind; any additional cuts to the school budget will result in staff reductions.

If you see this as a viable option, you have not been paying attention.

Last week at a Finance subcommittee meeting, a member of the Stapleton staff spoke about the challenge of student behavior and need for added support, which they received. Further cuts would jeopardize these added supports, leaving student learning conditions negatively impacted.

This crisis has shown the challenges in reaching all and educating all. To help students reach their full potential, they need their educators as well as the tools to learn and grow.

With the uncertainty of our return in September and with the need to rovide students with added social emotional support as well as academic support, any additional cuts would significantly impact the work that needs to be done to help them reach that full potential.

If we stand for equity for all Framingham students, we must put forward a budget that expresses those values.

This pandemic situation has highlighted even more the support that is needed for many of our families and students, in particular our English Language learners.

Any additional cuts would impact the district’s ability to improve services and provide equity for all students.

Our youngest citizens need you to support them in being the best scholars they can be.

The School Committee and Dr. Tremblay have made adjustments to the budget that will not impact any direct service to students. Any additional cuts you make WILL impact direct service to students.

Now more than ever, our students need us to advocate for the schools they deserve.

Respectfuly submitted

Christine Mulroney, President
Framingham Teachers Association


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