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FRAMINGHAM – Framingham resident Cariann Steenbruggen has been sewing masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Individuals and families picking up masks at her Saxonville home, know exactly which house she is at, by the snow-covered, and mask-covered bush in front of her property.

With all this craziness of the COVID-19, and Mother Nature’s surprise snow, SOURCE thought this would be a funny addition to our photo of the day collection.

Earlier this week, the Framingham Board of Health voted unanimously on an order by Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer requesting all member of the public, ages 2 years and older, and employees of essential businesses to wear a clean face covering such as a cloth face mask, scarf or bandana over their mouths and noses and practice social distancing – standing a minimum of six feet apart from others.

The unanimous vote by the Board of Health is an advisory, as the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office said “a municipality can encourage people to wear face coverings in public on an advisory basis.” The advisory said that municipalities can not require or force individuals to wear face coverings in public.

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Framingham Health Director Sam Wong told SOURCE Thursday morning that he wanted to “emphasize that this is not a face mask order.  We do not recommend the public to use medical grade face masks.  Those are reserved for healthcare workers and first responders.  This BOH order is for the public and employees of essential businesses to wear clean face coverings, such as a home-made cloth mask, scarf, bandana, or any other cloth-based coverings that can cover the nose and mouth.”

The Framingham Board of Health’s order as voted unanimously said “Operators of essential services shall ensure their customers are in compliance of this requirement. All employees of all essential services shall wear a clean face covering, such as a fabric face mask, scarf, or bandana, over their mouth and nose, and exercise social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines. Operators of essential services shall ensure their employees are in compliance with this requirement.”

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