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BOSTON – Governor Charlie Baker just announced today, March 31, that non-essential businesses will be closed through May 4

“Today’s news will not make it any easier,” for many small businesses and other non-essential businesses in the Commonwealth, said the Governor.

“We appreciate the huge impact on our economy and on our daily lives that these decisions have, and they have not been made lightly,”  said the Governor.

“This is needed to ensure the health and safety of them, their employees, and residents in the Commonwealth,” said the Governor.

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For a list of essential businesses released earlier this month, click here.

The Governor said the Commonwealth has produced a new Q&A of essential businesses. click here to see.

Employers with questions, should engage with the State’s economic & development office, but first reach the Q&A and information provided by the state, explained the Governor.

Massachusetts has taken some of most aggressive measures to curb this coronavirus, said the Governor.

For state government workers, extending guidance on working from home, through May 4.

The Governor has said he believes a surge in COVID-19 cases could come between April 7-17.

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The Governor said he was extending the stay-at-home advisory and also the 10 person limit for groups.

“People should be using common sense right now and not going on vacation. People need to stay at home,” said the Governor.

“We are extremely grateful for the grocery store workers, gas station attendants, etc, and many others, who continue to go to work and provide essential service to the Commonwealth,” said the Governor.

“This is an unprecedented situation,” said the Governor.

People are pushing off life events life weddings and family reunions, said the Governor. This also includes that many funerals are not taking place, and many obituaries, note that memorial services will be held at a later date.

Everyone should avoid unnecessary contact with others, even when you go to the grocery store. Stay 6-feet apart, said the Governor.

“We can not have big groups at our parks,” said the Governor.

“We know this is difficult but these next few weeks will be critical” to curb the disease, said the Governor.

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“The next couple of weeks going to be critical in this battle,” said the Governor. “Follow the social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread, as it will make a huge difference.”

“We know we are asking a lot,” said Governor.

“I want to say thank you to the nurses, doctors, and all the front line workers,” said the Governor.

“This state is filled with remarkable people, and remarkable communities,” said the Governor.

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