Supt. Tremblay: Framingham Remote Learning To Begin April 6

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FRAMINGHAM – Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay announced today, March 30, that the public school district’s remote learning would begin on April 6.

Students have not been in school since March 11.

The Governor announced last week, the earliest students could return to class is May 4.

“As I look back on all that has transpired over the last two and a half weeks, I am moved by the way our community has come together to support one another. We have worked with the Mayor’s office, the Department of Public Health, and many community partners to first ensure all students had access to food and the technology they need in order to learn,” wrote Tremblay to staff and parents today, March 30.

“In the span of just a few days, the District distributed more than 2,000 chromebooks to families. We are also in the process of acquiring Wifi hotspots and helping families access affordable solutions for those that do not have access to the internet. These fundamental steps were and continue to be critical to our ability to deliver instruction to our more than 9,000 students across the district,” wrote Tremblay.

“As I have said before, our district believes in the ability of ALL children to achieve at a high level with proper support. This is always worth repeating,” wrote Tremblay.

“As I have also been clear to express, there are significant factors that challenge our ability to achieve this goal through remote means.  Such challenges are not limited to disabilities, language barriers, and access to technology. Each family is dealing with their own personal challenges, particularly during this crisis–whether they are financial, physical, or emotional–which can hinder a child’s ability to fully engage in their learning,” wrote the Superintendent of Schools.

“While these challenges continue to exist, we recognize that it is important for our students to have structure and routines, as much as possible, in order to create some sense of consistency during this difficult time.,” wrote Tremblay.

Tremblay wrote that with guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and in close collaboration with the Framingham Teachers’ Association the Framingham Public Schools plans to begin the District’s remote learning plan Monday, April 6.

Tremblay sent communication to staff earlier today, March 30.

Key components of the district’s plan include:

  • A weekly learning calendar for each grade level and department to provide students with approximately 3 hours of engaging and meaningful learning activities each day focused on review of previously taught skills so as to reinforce and deepen students’ understanding of content;
  • Support from special education staff and language development coaches to ensure all student have resources to make the content accessible to them;
  • The inclusion of “no tech” learning options;
  • Teacher-initiated outreach to students at least twice per week;
  • A minimum of 180 minutes of office hours per week for each educator so students can have direct and immediate access to their teachers;
  • Feedback from teachers;
  • Opportunities for teachers to tailor the learning to meet students’ individual needs; and
  • Grading incentives to keep students engaged while ensuring those students dealing with challenges are treated equitably.

“This work is incredibly important as it provides structure and opportunity for our students and I am particularly grateful to our Office of Teaching and Learning, Special Education and Multilingual Education Departments, and to our FTA partners for developing this model to serve our students as best as we are able during this challenging time,” wrote Tremblay to staff.

“And to all of our teachers, support staff, department heads, coaches, and directors: We could not do this work without all of you. Your contribution is critical to the success of this remote learning plan for all students, but particularly for our most vulnerable population.  We ask that you keep the needs of ALL students in mind as you develop plans, communicate with students and families, and schedule your office hours,” concluded Tremblay’s message to staff.


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