Flyer News Returns With a ‘Corona-Cation’ Episode

FRAMINGHAM – Framingham High School students produced their first Flyers News episode since the Coronavirus pandemic closed Framingham Public Schools on March 12.

On Friday, March 27, Flyers News released a 13-minute remote episode with seniors Megan Sidmore and Aiden Fernardo as hosts.

Fernando opened the episode reminding viewers it was March 27 – the 16th day of “corona-cation.”

With schools closed through at least May 4, Flyers News said it plans to release an episode a week.

“COVID-19 is topping headlines around the world,” said Sidmore. “It is about the only thing you see on social media and the news.”

In this first remote episode, Fernardo had a segment featuring tips on how to stay busy during self-quarantining.

Sidmore said self-quarantining “can be very boring.”

Fernardo suggested exercise as one way to beat the boredom.

Another option suggested was social media and “TikTok,” including watching and posting dances.

Playing video games was another a third option. Fourth tip was movie nights with family (and friends via a video conference) and the fifth option was doing school work and responding to your teachers.

In another episode Katie Knox, a member of the Class of 2021, produced a how-to segment on how to use fabric and a sewing machine to create a protective mask.

Sidmore produced an episode on non-COVID-19 news around the world, including a locust outbreak in Africa and an update on the Australian wildfires.

The high school news show also encouraged fellow teens to practice social distancing.

“If we all self-isolate now, we will be able to go back to normal, sooner rather than later,” said Sidmore.

Watch the full episode below.


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