Massachusetts Issues Order to Help Grocery Stores & Pharmacies

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BOSTONToday, March 25, Massachusetts Department of Public Health issued a new order to support pharmacies and grocery stores and their employees during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

This order will require grocery stores and pharmacies to:

  • Provide at least one hour per day of shopping for adults over 60-years-old.
  • Offer sanitation options, such as hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, as available, to clean shopping carts and points of frequent contact.
  • Appropriate social distancing policies, including a marked “Social Distancing Line,” beginning six feet away from all checkout counters.

  • Close any self-serve food stations.
  • Instruct store employees who are ill to stay home, and for stores to accommodate employees who fall in the high-risk category with alternative assignments to limit exposure.


email: call or text at 508-315-7176

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