Ashland Town Manager: Updates on Tax Day, Excise Tax, and Real Estate Taxes

ASHLAND – Since there has been a lot of discussion about resident and taxpayer relief at the federal, state and local level, Ashland Town Manager provided an update to residents.

The filing deadline for federal income taxes has been moved from April 15th to July 15th.

“Discussion surrounding extending the deadline for your Massachusetts income tax filing is also happening,” said Herbert.

“The vast majority of a household’s government tax burden rests in federal and state income taxes as well as state sales taxes. I hope this adjustment to the filing deadline helps,” said Herbert.

At the local level, there are two tax payments we are concerned about, said Herbert.

First, the Motor Vehicle Excise tax is due March 30.

Under typical circumstances, if you have not paid by March 30th, a demand fee ($30) is added to the tax and the amount due starts accruing interest, explained the Town Manager.

“We understand that many residents are going through a tremendous and unforseen hardship, and are looking at ways to ease this burden. I should have more information about this by next week,” said Herbert.

“There are also discussions between different communities in respect to the payment of 4th quarter real estate tax bills. I will have more information on that in the future, but that will be more complicated to adjust,” said Herbert.


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