LETTER: Framingham Traffic Commission Needs To Suspend Parking Meters During Coronavirus Crisis

FRAMINGHAM – We think it would greatly help if the Traffic Commission would give a break to the hard-working downtown small business community by holding an emergency meeting as soon as possible to suspend charges from the on-street parking meters.

Delivery drivers are making fast trips from on-street spaces to expedite much-needed food deliveries, and customers need to make very quick trips to receive essential goods and services.

This immediate action by the Traffic Commission to suspend parking fees would help many businesses sustain operations and would minimize the expected economic damage during this public health crisis, which will affect small businesses more than larger corporations.

This action by the Traffic Commission would show respect and concern to small businesses, some which are already struggling to stay open and serve our deserving community.

We also thank the team at Downtown Framingham, Inc. for working so
hard to advocate for the needs of the businesses.

Kind regards,

Pablah Schwartz-Linhares and Maclover Linhares

Owners, Frescafe (Framingham and Natick) 


email: editor@FraminghamSource.com call or text at 508-315-7176

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