Mayor Spicer Names Gatlin Chair Of Strategic and Financial Oversight Committee

FRAMINGHAM – With the resignation of Robert Case, Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer named Michael Gatlin as chair of the Framingham Strategic Initiative and Financial Oversight Committee today, January 13.

The Mayor, in April 2019, had appointed Case to be the first chair of the charter-mandated Committee. Case resigned, when he was elected as a City Councilor to serve District 5.

With Case’s resignation, Vice Chair Mary Kate Feeney was overseeing the Committee until a new Chair was named by the Mayor.

The Charter called for a “strategic initiatives and financial oversight committee (SIFOC) to advise the Mayor, Council and School Committee on the status of Framingham’s long-range strategic plan in accordance with Article III, section 11(b), the state of the municipal economy, sufficiency of municipal revenues, and other fiscal matters.” 

The SIFOC meets tonight at the Christa McAuliffe Library. Gatlin will chair the meeting at 7 p.m.

The Committee is comprised of 9 members – three appointed by the Mayor, three appointed by the City Council, and three appointed by the School Committee.

Both Case (District 5 resident) and Gatlin (District 6) were mayoral appointments. The Mayor’s third appointee was District 3 resident Mahmood M. Akhtar, who is also the treasurer of her political campaign.

“I am currently interviewing applicants for the Finance Seat vacated by Mr. Case, and will update you when I have made a selection,” wrote the Mayor in a memo today, January 13.

Two of the appointees are female of the 9-member Committee.

None of the nine members live in District 7, 8, or 9.

Appointed by the City Council were District 6 resident James Culhane, Feeney from District 3 and District 5 resident Gerard E. Desilets

Appointed by the School Committee were District 2 resident Joel Francis, and District 1 residents Darlene Umina and David Kilkis.

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