Mass House of Representatives Passes Hands-Free Driving Bill

BOSTON – The Massachusetts House voted 153 to 1 to approve legislation that bans all people from using handheld electronic devices while driving. 

It’s illegal to text and drive in Massachusetts but if the bill is signed into law, everyone will no longer be able to use their phones at all while driving. 

The new bill (H.4203) bans all drivers from using any handheld electronic devices while driving, 

This legislation imposes stiff fines on those found to be not solely focused on driving.

The first offense is $100. A second offense is $250. The fine is $500 for each subsequent offense.

Offenses include looking at texts, images, or videos while driving.

The lone exception in the bill is for navigation systems or apps, but only if the device is mounted or positioned in a way that does not impede the driver’s ability to see the road in front of them.


Graphic courtesy of Rep. Carolyn Dykema.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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