Chief: Framingham Short-Staffed As No Police Academies Available For Training

FRAMINGHAM – Framingham offered employment to three individuals to join the police department in May, but there are no police academies available for then to attend months later

As of Nov. 15, three individuals who received conditional offers of employment from the Framingham Police Department in May have not yet attended the academy, Framingham Police Chief Steven Trask told the Framingham Police Advisory Committee last Thursday.

“We can’t do anything with anybody until they go to a 22-week academy,” Chief Steven Trask said told the Committee.

These individuals have not yet gone through the police academy due to delays and cancellations, explained Trask.

They were scheduled to attend an academy in October, and when that didn’t work out, in November. However, that didn’t come to fruition either. Currently, the individuals with conditional offers are scheduled to go to a police academy in December.

According to Chief Trask, academies can only run when there is a full slate.

Trask said some departments enter names of their recruits to multiple academies, and don’t remove them even after they have chosen which one they will go to. Therefore, this leaves certain academies with vacancies that cannot be filled because it is too late.

One of the biggest issues is that there is no academy in MetroWest, he added.

There are academies in Worcester, Lowell, and Essex County.

“We thought about doing it in Framingham. We just don’t have the parking,” said Trask.

There is also no current existing suitable facility for an academy, he said.

Another issue is that as of right now, there is no set schedule and location for academies.

As of right now, they “just pop up when they pop up,” according to Trask.

Ideally, there would be regulated academies that ran for a specific amount of recruits at a specific time of year each year, explained Trask to the Framingham Police Advisory Committee on Thursday.

The Framingham Fire Department currently sends new firefighters to the academy when they can, and in the meantime, the new hires shadow senior firefighters.

Committee member Larry Hendry questioned if this was a system the Framingham Police Department could adopt.

However, as of right now, the Framingham Police Department is still reliant upon the academies in other towns and requires conditional hires to attend the academy before proceeding further.

Shauna Golden

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