Superintendent Tremblay Responds To King Principal, Student Behavior Issues

The following was sent to the King Elementary School families this morning. SOURCE is publishing it as received, as a community service.


I am writing to you this morning to acknowledge the difficult situation that we are experiencing with challenging and escalating student behaviors (this is pervasive, actually, across the district) coupled with questions about the King leadership given Dr. Lackard’s absence from school.

Given the emails that I have received from parents and staff and given the spiraling social media chatter, it is clear to me that there is growing concern about Dr. Lackard’s absence from King Elementary School.

At this point I am only able to share that Dr. Lackard is on leave and Allison Benabdallah is running the building day-to-day in her capacity as an administrator at King.

Out of respect for Dr. Lackard’s privacy, I cannot comment further at this time, but I will provide updates as appropriate. 

Please know that I very much appreciate and support Ms. Benabdallah’s leadership during this challenging time and our Central Office team will continue to provide administrative support to her. In addition, we have also added assistance to King through our skilled team of behavior specialists to help with some escalating student behaviors.

As I am sure you all know, our staff is resilient and fully dedicated to meeting the needs of your children. Despite the challenges that we have had and which we continue to face, we remain fully invested in the students, families, and staff at King Elementary School.

We are excited about the evolving plans for the first Grade 5 “graduating” class events as we have finally reached the capstone of a full elementary school, K-5. In addition, the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education and I have been meeting with staff about expanding STEAM educational efforts and once a new Director of Technology is hired in the coming weeks, we will be ready to explore a language learning pilot program through Rosetta Stone where students (grade levels yet to be determined) – AND families – will be afforded the opportunity to learn a language, together, in our district’s first 1:1 technology pilot project.

Once again, I thank our teachers for their commitment to educating our children and for being the steadying force for them in our classrooms each day and I thank you for your patience and understanding with us. I will most assuredly provide an update to the King community as soon as possible.

Very truly yours,

Bob Tremblay

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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