Framingham Recycles: Thanksgiving Made Easy

Editor’s Note: This is a weekly column by the Recycling Coordinator for the City of Framingham. Residents can submit questions to Recycling Coordinator Stephen Sarnosky via SOURCE at


By Stephen Sarnosky

FRAMINGHAM – In the coming weeks, families will gather to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving typically generates plenty of household waste. Below you will find some helpful tips to make your Thanksgiving Day free of worry as to what to do with any waste that’s been generated.

Please remember the following smart recycling practices this Thanksgiving:

 Make sure your recyclables are clean! DPW often finds greasy aluminum roasting pans with leftover turkey still in them, and single-use food containers with food residue. These items will contaminate the recycling stream! Remember, hard to clean items should be placed in your refuse cart.
 Empty, clean, and recycle metal & aluminum vegetable and beverage containers.
 Paper decorations should be reused at your next event or recycled.
 Pie boxes can be recycled so long as they are clean.
 Single-use aluminum pans must be cleaned and then recycled.
 Glass bottles and containers.
Please dispose of the following items in your refuse cart:
 Plastic bread stuffing bags.
 Egg nog, juice and vegetable stock containers should not be recycled.
 Plastic cutlery, such as knives, forks, spoons, and serve-wear. These items can be reused, but are not recyclable.
 Paper plates, napkins, and towels.
 Single-use paper and plastic table cloths.
 Plastic colored cups should be reused if possible and never recycled.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and remember to “Recycle Smart”.

For more holiday recycling tips, please visit: Framingham Recycles.

Recycling Q&A

I recently received this question from one of our readers: “Just curious. What does one do with old table lamps? Since they have a cord, can they be recycled or put into trash bin. Also, I have an old electric trimmer that does not work – again since it has a cord, is it considered an E-Cycle item?”

This is a very good question and thank you. Both lamps and trimmers have a lot of good recyclable materials in them and are worth repurposing but most definitely can be recycled. Just not in your cart. By purchasing a DPW recycling center permit you can bring these items to the RDC. Toss both items in the “metal pile”. No extra charge.

Otherwise you could place them in your refuse cart for disposal. If the trimmer is battery operated, please remove it and bring the battery to either Home Depot or Lowes for disposal. The RDC accepts recyclable batteries too.


Photo submitted by Framingham Recycling coordinator

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