Framingham Youth Football President Voluntarily Steps Down While Organization Investigates

FRAMINGHAM – The president of Framingham Youth Football & Cheerleading has stepped down voluntarily and temporarily while the board investigates.

“The Board of Directors of Framingham Youth Football & Cheer (FYFC) and outside counsel Richard Quinby are investigating this matter and the timeline thoroughly. So as to remove the appearance of any undue influence on the Board or our investigation, Jason Smith has voluntarily and temporarily stepped aside as President. We urge any parents, coaches or others with relevant information on this matter to contact the Board or counsel as soon as possible,” said the FYFC BOARD tonight, November 7.

On Tuesday night, the FYFC voted to terminate 3 coaches, including the head coach for the 6th grade team, for sexist and racist group chat posts.

Below is an email Jason Smith, FYFC President, send his board tonight.

So as to remove the appearance of any undue influence during your investigation of this matter, I have decided to temporarily step aside as President.

To aid in your investigation, I want to you to have all the facts as I know them.

On October 25, 2018, Bob Assarian emailed me that he was stepping down for personal reasons. I emailed him back and asked if we could sit down to discuss why he was leaving.

On October 26, 2018, Bob emailed again (the email that has been posted online) outlining his concerns, and attached screenshots that contained inappropriate comments.

However, based on my recollection, and posts that have emerged this week, the full scope of those comments was not shared. Additionally, some messages were cut off, and others had black scribbles concealing words or names. As such, I had a number of questions for Bob. I emailed him that I understood his reasons and called him to discuss further as I needed to continue with due process.

Bob did not return my call and never again raised the issue with me, nor did he share the full messages before this week. However, I wanted to make sure his concerns were addressed. At that weekend’s games, I had a conversation with the coach about inappropriate language in the text messages. I also made sure that MPR’s were monitored on the sideline.

I did not hear from Bob again until the Spring of 2019, when he asked for my assistance in getting his son back on the 6th grade team. While that team was full, I worked with him to find his son a spot on another Framingham team, but he eventually decided not to play this year.

As best I recall, not until this week was I made aware of the other messages, after which I immediately informed the Board and we collectively took action.  

I will make myself available to any of you to answer additional questions as you conduct this investigation.


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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