LETTER: Finlay’s Drive To Help His Neighbors and Community Makes Him Perfect District 2 City Councilor

FRAMINGHAM – When I cast my vote in November, I will use the same set off questions I have always used to help me decide on a candidate.  

Will my trash be picked up every week?  If I call 911, will someone show up in time?  Will my kids get a good education?  Will I be able to make the new mortgage payments after the tax change?  Can I trust that the person I’m picking will make good decisions regarding everyday government functions?  

This November my choice is clear.  I will be voting for Ricky Finlay for District Two City Council.

Ricky is my obvious choice because I know he loves Framingham and truly wants what is best for the people of this city.  Ricky has given his time and energy to help us all, from representing District Two on the School Committee, the Disability Commission, or Town Meeting, to coaching football to volunteering as Cubmaster of Saxonville Pack 21.  

His drive to help his neighbors and community shines through his actions, whether organizing the construction of a new playground or helping secure the location of a new fire station.

And all these years of volunteering and service to the community have sharpened Ricky’s ability to get things done. He has the institutional knowledge and the working relationships to help move this city in the right direction.  He was able to help eliminate athletic fees for students, giving opportunity to those students who may not always have them.

Ricky helped organize the construction of a new playground at Interfaith Terrace, bringing together city and business leaders, local unions and residents.  


His involvement in the budget process for the schools is invaluable for the work ahead for the City Council, because he knows it is not about number
crunching or accounting terms, but about supporting ideas and initiatives that matter to the people of Framingham.

Finally, I know Ricky is the right choice because he is genuine and honest.  He will give you an honest opinion and good reasons for that opinion.  If he tells you he will see something through, he will work to the end to get it done.  This also makes him a great line of communication between the city and all the people in District Two because he will give you a clear picture of where things stand.

Ricky is the right choice for me.  Ricky is the right choice for District Two.  Ricky is the right choice for Framingham.

Sean Silk


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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