LETTER: Framingham School Building Committee Co-Chair Endorses Wadland For Re-Election

FRAMINGHAM – Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to get to know Scott Wadland through his service as the School Committee representative for District 3 and through our mutual service on the Fuller Middle School Building Committee. 

I consider Scott to be a great asset to our community, so I encourage the voters of District 3 to re-elect Scott to the School Committee on Tuesday, November 5th.

A Framingham resident for over 20 years, Scott has two children currently enrolled in the district so he understands first-hand the impact of his decisions as a School Committee member. 

As a former School Committee member I appreciate that he approaches the work of the School Committee and the School Building Committee in a thoughtful and balanced way, that he is a critical thinker, and that he has the courage and more importantly the skill to ask difficult questions and challenge assumptions in a productive way.

Scott has served on the School Committee since April of 2017, giving him a great combination of institutional knowledge and new perspectives.  He helped the School Committee through a significant transition at the start of 2018 when Framingham became a city, and he will make sure that the School Committee is well-prepared to welcome at least four new members in January of next year. 

In addition to serving on the School Committee Scott is a member of the Fuller Middle School Building Committee and co-founded the highly-successful “Yes for Fuller” campaign which helped secure funding for our new middle school project. 

Prior to being elected to the School Committee Scott was President of the TownWide PTO and a member of the Fuller Middle School Council. 

With his breadth and depth of experience, Scott will be ready on “Day 1” of the next School Committee term to continue serving the students, families and residents of Framingham rather than “learning the ropes” as a new member. 

Therefore I urge the voters of District 3 to re-elect Scott to the School Committee on Tuesday, November 5th.


David Miles

Co-Chair, Fuller Middle School Building Committee

Former Chair, Framingham School Committee

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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