Police Confiscate Weapon At Framingham High

FRAMINGHAM – Framingham Police confiscated a weapon at Framingham High today, October 7, according to the school’s principal.

“It came to our attention this afternoon that two students were in possession of a weapon on school property,” said Framingham High Principal Carolyn Banach.

The School Resource Officers and administrators responded immediately and the weapon was confiscated., said the Principal.

“At no time was there a threat to student or staff safety,” said Principal Banach in an email to parent tonight.

The matter is being handled by the school administration and the Framingham Police Department.

“We recognize that messages of this nature can be concerning, but transparency and open communication are extremely important. The safety and security of all members of the Framingham High School community is our top priority. In this particular case it was the attentiveness of a staff member who noticed the weapon and alerted administration,” said the Principal.

The type of weapon was not made public.

” Weapons include items that are prohibited in schools under Massachusetts General Law including all types of knives,” said Principal Banach.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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