Framingham-Based MCR Labs Develops Screen for Vitamin E Acetate

FRAMINGHAM –  MCR Labs, an independent cannabis testing laboratory, has developed a testing method to screen products for vitamin E acetate, a cutting agent recently seen in vape cartridges that has been linked to cases of severe lung illness.

The Scientific Operations team at MCR Labs began work on the new test as a joint investigation by the CDC and FDA into hundreds of cases of pulmonary distress and multiple deaths across the United States identified a potential link between the illness and vaping products containing vitamin E acetate, also known as tocopheryl acetate.

“With new concerns about the safety of additives used in vape products, we wanted to offer a way for people to access data confirming the absence of vitamin E acetate in products they may find on the market,” said Michael Kahn, President of MCR Labs, in a media release.

MCR Labs began running tests to generate data to validate the method’s accuracy earlier this month.

Having reviewed the results of numerous processes, MCR Labs is ready to provide the screen to commercial partners and the general public as soon as necessary.

“Historically, the testing protocols we’ve targeted have been dictated by regulatory requirements, but with the clear risks to consumer safety, we thought it best not to wait and to develop a testing method as soon as possible,” said Scott Churchill, MCR Labs’ Director of Scientific Operations, in a media release.

MCR Labs plans to offer the test free of charge for a period of time and to share the methodology with other labs and public health agencies across the nation.


Established in 2013, MCR Labs is an ISO-17025 accredited independent testing lab providing analytical cannabis product testing and R&D services to the regulated cannabis market, patients, researchers, home growers, and entrepreneurs.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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