Framingham District 1 City Council Candidate Christine Long

Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, September 17, Voters in District 1 will participate in a preliminary election. There will be three names on the ballot for District 1 City Council. The incumbent is not seeking re-election. SOURCE sent questionnaires to all three candidates. All three candidates returned them. District 1 is comprised of Precincts 1 & 2.


Christine Long

Age: N/A

Which pronoun do you prefer? She/Her

Occupation: Capital Asset Manager

Years lived in Framingham: 32

Family (optional): 2 adult daughters, 4 grandchildren

Municipal experience: 22 years municipal experience for Framingham government; 3 ½ yrs professional work for State Agency

In less than 250 words, why should someone vote you to represent them as a City Councilor?

With 7 of 11 seats to be decided there’s a void only I can fill. No other candidate has my deep knowledge and expertise in
planning and zoning. Framingham becoming a City has changed everything. Instead of remaining on the Planning Board in an advisory role, I am stepping up to serve as a voting member of the Council where I can better serve and represent you by directly impacting outcomes.
I have served for over two decades in key leadership roles in both the town and city forms of government. I take on tough issues and get favorable results. I care deeply about our success and the quality of life in Framingham. This election is important – your choice will have a definite impact on future decisions.
Throughout my many years of public service, I have led groups and worked collaboratively with other Town Meeting members,
Boards, Commissions and stakeholders to get things done. I pledge to work collaboratively with fellow councilors to thoroughly review the municipal budget while using sound business practices to make feasible and reasonable financial recommendations. We must ensure that Framingham allocates proper funding and resources to those important essential services that our residents depend on and deserve. These services – Schools, Public Works, Police, Fire, and others are at the heart of the high quality of life that District 1 and all Framingham residents desire and deserve.
I pledge to focus on residents interests first; be an effective, vocal neighborhood advocate; maintain total Transparency, open communications; find collaborative solutions to issues

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Do you support the budget approved by the City Council in June, including
the increase for the schools? (yes or no) Yes.

Should there be a moratorium on apartments in Framingham? (yes or no)
Yes and no.

Would you vote to fund the new police patrolmen’s union contract?
(yes or no) Yes.

Do you support the Mayor’s decision to award the Nobscot Chapel to Andy Rose the owner of the Nobscot Plaza? (yes or no) Yes.

Would you vote to override the Mayor’s veto on the appointment ordinance
(yes or no)

Should the City purchase the Perini Building as its new City Hall? (yes or no) Yes, if possible.

If yes, what would you do with the Memorial Building in downtown

Lease out the Memorial Building and rent Nevins Hall for Civic Functions. Maintain the building as public space for community events and activities.

Which City Council subcommittee would you wish to serve on?

Planning and Zoning.

Should all city notices go out in 3 languages – just like Framingham Public
School notices? ( yes or no) Yes.

Would you continue to serve on the Framingham Planning Board, if elected a City Councilor? No

QUESTION #1: In your opinion, what is the biggest issue facing your district? How would you go about fixing it as a city councilor?

The single most pressing issue is the threat of over development and undesirable redevelopment Proposals, traffic that exists and that is associated with redevelopment in the Nobscot District and the Continued threat and loss of open space. If elected, I will work with council members, the Mayor And stakeholders to ensure that zoning ordinances are thoroughly vetted with the public interest In mind. I will vote to fully fund the second phase of the DPW City-wide traffic study that provides
Implementation guidance to ensure that we make progress on ways to mitigate and solve our many Traffic issues in Framingham (particularly since we are the recipient of much cut-through traffic From surrounding communities). CPA must be reconsidered to address how we can fund options to purchase open space, park and recreation land, ensure historic preservation of properties that become available and maintain our 10% affordable housing stock.

QUESTION #2: Do you think Framingham is a safe community? Why or why not? How will you work with the mayor and the police department to make sure Framingham has a good quality of life?

Overall, I strongly believe Framingham is a safe community when compared to similarly-sized communities. Framingham’s violent crime rate is reported to be 21.6% which is somewhat lower than the national average of 22.7%. Framingham property crime is around 20.6%, which is much lower than the national average of 35%. Living in Nobscot provides a safe environment and good quality of life. The lifestyle is that of more suburban communities. I definitely will work with the Mayor and Police Department to ensure that we achieve the best we can be as a safe community. We will pay particular attention to those areas that are experiencing higher crime levels. To aid in this effort, we plan to provide attractive streetscape amenities (increased lighting and visibility in areas of concern) with increased patrolmen presence.  

QUESTION #3: Residents in District 1 complain about the traffic on Edgell Road and Water Street. Is the Traffic Commission making a difference in Framingham? Why or Why not?

I feel that the Traffic Commission being a fairly new organization will take time to develop strategies and solutions in its role that will eventually have a favorable impacts on traffic management, thus making a difference in Framingham. Traffic is a very complex issue and needs more than just a sole traffic commission to solve our traffic problems– it needs to work in collaboration and conjunction with MADOT and area collaborative agencies and communities to find real solutions for long term application. The
current Traffic Commission is comprised of some very experienced, seasoned professionals in the field of traffic management
and is led by Paul Barden, DPW Deputy Director.

QUESTION #4: What ordinance would you file to improve your district (or city-wide) if elected? Why?

I would like to file an ordinance to institute CPA (Community Preservation Act) In some form in order to plan better for the community’s needs with respect to open space, historic preservation, creation of public park and
recreation space and to continue to meet the required 10% affordable housing.

QUESTION #5: The executive branch and the legislative branch of government in the City of Framingham is the Mayor and the 11-member City Council. Give 3 specific ways the two branches of government can work collaboratively to improve the City for its residents and/or business owners.

  1. Develop and agree upon mutual goals – maintain common ground from which to build upon.
  2. Respect one another. Be attentive to one another individually and collectively– pay attention to each speaker and the topic being presented; be an effective communicator by letting people know you are listening – ask questions to clarify issues. Solicit and engage public input when making decisions that impact the community. Maintain civility and
    decorum in public discourse without including emotional outbursts.
  3. Understand the distinction between values, positions and interests and emphasize each as it relates to the subject being discussed collectively. Research and review the material you are discussing to be informed prior to meetings.

QUESTION #6: Which vote by the City Council, since January 2017, has made a difference in the City? Why? 

Nobscot Village Zoning. The many blighted areas in the former Nobscot B3 District will Now have an opportunity to employ a broader choice of zoning options to redevelop Existing vacant commercial sites and failing businesses.

QUESTION #7: What vote by current District 1 City Councilor Charlie Sisitsky do you disagree with and why would you have voted differently?

I commend Charlie Sisitsky for stepping up in a leadership role and making tough decisions during this transition period of a town to a city. Further, I am happy that he carefully considers and votes his conscience on all matters.

QUESTION #8: Would you support the City Council re-zoning the largest parcel of land in Framingham to accommodate more business in the neighborhood? Why or why not?

This question does not specify what the largest parcel of land in Framingham is or the reasoning why this would be proposed.

I would not be in favor of taking any parcel of land that is designated as current open space or residential use to be redeveloped as commercial space.

QUESTION #9: Why business is District 1 missing, and how will you help bring that business to the City?

I think you mean what business is missing in District 1. I think that there is a lack of uniquePublic gathering space for entertainment such as a Jack’s Abby or Bourbons. I understand that these market niche businesses may not want to locate here at this time but I am expecting that redevelopment of Nobscot will eventually change things for the better. I personally would like to see ancillary medical uses to be located in Nobscot, i.e. medical
offices, small clinics to accommodate the large aging population in Nobscot and facilities located here and close by, i.e. Shillman House, Heritage House, Oak Knoll, St. Patrick’s Manor, Wingate of Sudbury, etc. Further, we need
small business enterprises that will attract people to live in and visit Nobscot.

QUESTION #10: What vote as a Town Meeting member, Zoning Board member or Planning Board member do you regret and why? 

I review all available facts and materials in order to thoroughly and carefully think about decisions I am making prior to taking any vote on the Board I am serving on. My decisions are made based on potential consequences (outcomes) of those actions taken as votes. My votes are made in accordance with the legal requirements as set forth by the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Town/City of Framingham provided in our bylaws/ordinances as they are written. I pride myself on having no ties to real estate interests in Framingham.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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