LETTER: Framingham Superintendent Tremblay is an ‘Accessible and Involved Leader’

FRAMINGHAM – I had the honor of serving on the 2017 search committee that recommended Dr. Tremblay as a candidate for our new superintendent. His many strengths and skills garnered admiration and
approval, but his determination and passion to come to Framingham was even more remarkable.

This was his second try, as he had been a candidate in 2012. The fact he came back for another shot, even more prepared and determined, exemplified his commitment to Framingham Public Schools.

Dr. Tremblay took the reins earlier than necessary in April of 2017, and began his residency programs with the schools, spending at least a week in each one. He believed in becoming intimately familiar with the principals, staff, and students, as well as the character and challenges that differentiate each school.

This is a unique approach which served to inform subsequent
strategic goals and plans, and, as importantly, established him as an accessible and involved leader, willing to spend time on the front lines.

He has been extraordinarily present and visible throughout the district, whether it’s attending drama and musical performances, sporting events, playing his trumpet, creating video messages or any number of other personal efforts, and has quickly become part of the fabric of Framingham.

He instituted the successful back to school picnic and the popular no homework nights. Dr. Tremblay has led the turnaround efforts at three of our elementary schools; put together a talented, dedicated and diverse staff; spearheaded data-driven analysis of the challenges facing students and our schools; managed a detailed, comprehensive and open budget process, and has always kept the success of our students, and the equity between schools, at the center of his focus.

He has dealt with the many difficulties and challenges of this position,
including occasionally demanding interpersonal relationships, tough leadership choices, and problems that are part of the job, with wisdom, humility and openness.

We have seen him face criticisms with calm, tact and diplomacy, defend his staff when necessary, collaborate with concerned parents and manage the intricacies of a complex district with professionalism and skill.

I’m confident he will be the first to tell you that the job does not come without missteps and mistakes. Those are inevitable, and he cannot make everyone happy all of the time. But when these problems arise, the district needs someone who will own the issues, gather the stakeholders
and work the problems to make things right, and make them better. This collaborative mindset has been Dr. Tremblay’s style, and this is what we need in a leader for our district.

Framingham is a complex school district with a multitude of difficult and varying problems to solve, and they are not going to be resolved in the two years Dr. Tremblay has been with us.

The initiatives and ideas he has implemented, and collaborative leadership he has demonstrated, have put on us a solid path, and keeping him with us will ensure that continuity and success.

We have heard him say more than once that he hoped to stay in Framingham long enough to see the kids who were in kindergarten when he first became superintendent, graduate from high school. I believe he means that, and that we should give him a chance to see that to fruition. We
are fortunate to have him, just as he is fortunate to have us.

I wholeheartedly support a six year contract for Dr. Tremblay and look forward to a successful and bright future for all the students of Framingham.

The people who have added their signatures to this letter also join me in that support.

Thank you.
Nancy Novo O’Connor

  1. Jennifer Vuong
  2. Astrid Mazareigos
  3. Helen Ng
  4. Jim Kelly
  5. Marion Kelly
  6. Tanya Lipp
  7. Jody Troderman
  8. Jennifer Moshe
  9. James Feudo
  10. Cheryl Mitcham
  11. Katherine Russo
  12. Jennifer Bellemare
  13. Adina Kurzman
  14. Richard Shapiro
  15. Debi Shapiro
  16. Heather Connolly
  17. Karen Duffy
  18. Maura Cahn
  19. Christine Chipalone
  20. David Kiklis
  21. Jacqui Goldberg
  22. Cariann Steenbruggen
  23. Lori Moser
  24. Heather Bace

Editor’s Note: This letter was read at the Framingham School Committee meeting last night. It was also submitted to SOURCE for publication.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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