LETTER: Framingham is Losing Great Staff; About 180 Staff Members Did Not Return

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham Teachers Association executive board
welcomes a continued relationship with Dr Tremblay. He has shown an interest in working with educators to improve student learning and educator working conditions.

We are frustrated, however, that no input was sought in how the superintendent’s decisions impact the students’ learning environment, which is the teachers’ working environment. There have been some changes in the district that are beneficial to students and teachers. We appreciate the acknowledgement of the importance of social-emotional development for students.

However, we still have professional development that is not varied to meet teachers’ needs. New programs are introduced without proper support and training.

For example, teachers at the elementary level were given 3 new SEL curricula one day before school started. Middle school math teachers were given a new math program to support student’s math development on the day before school started. Opportunities for scheduled co-planning times for educators to work together in grade level or departments to align their curriculum to provide equity of instruction to students were restructured to review data. Educators are not able to meet to collaborate or consult with specialists to support student needs because there is no time. A new homework policy is having a first reading tonight but broad teachers input had not been solicited.

Teachers at all levels are feeling overwhelmed, under supported and not heard. Data driven decisions by administration have left the HUMAN – both educator and student – out of the equation.

Educators are being asked to do too much with too little material and time. Several Central Office positions and other positions that don’t provide direct service to children have been created; however, the same number of positions that provide direct support to students have not been created.

High-quality educators are either choosing to leave or are being non-renewed. About 180 staff members did not return to the Framingham Public Schools for this school year – only about 27 of these were retirees.

Framingham is losing great staff. The early days of school are typically days for educators and students to get to know each other. Typically the honeymoon period where all is good.

On the 4th day of school, yesterday, I am already hearing that good staff members are looking for work in other districts.

We welcome a continued collaboration with the committee and with Dr. Tremblay but we will not continue to have our unique classroom & worksite expertise go unheard & unrecognized.

We cannot continue to have new initiatives & demands added that take our time from work that will provide direct support to our students. We hope that School Committee will do its due diligence to fully capture the students’ & educators’ experiences in future evaluations. Ask an educator what will improve student achievement and we’ll tell you. Ask an educator what we need to provide the high-quality instruction that every student deserves, we’ll tell you.

We want to support your students to be successful in Framingham and beyond.

Christine Mulroney

President of the Framingham Teachers Association

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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