PHOTOS: Paolo Di Gregorio Presents on Political Cartoons at Callahan Center

FRAMINGHAM – On Tuesday, August 20, Paolo Di Gregorio appeared at the Callahan Center to give a lecture on the history of political cartoons in the U.S.

Di Gregorio, a historian and archaeologist, began the presentation by defining the purpose of political cartoons, to “highlight or satirize political events,” and to talk about the events, scandals, and personalities of U.S. history”.


The presentation went on to cover the most important events of U.S. history, from the American Revolution to the policies of Teddy Roosevelt, to the political cartoons of the modern day.

Di Gregorio held his audience captive through his energetic presentation.

He expertly commented on the political cartoons, often pointing out how “history has weird echoes, doesn’t it?”

The next presentation at the Callahan Center will be on “The Legendary Judy Garland,” presented by Bruce Hambro on August 27 at 6 p.m.


Report & photos by SOURCE intern Jack Emberley, an Ashland High student

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