Framingham Medical Reserve Corps Receives Organization of the Year Award From Rotary Club

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) received the award for organization of the year from the Rotary Club of Framingham in June.

The national purpose of this organization is for volunteers “to strengthen public health, reduce vulnerability, build resilience, and improve preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities” within their local community. 

Kitty Mahoney, Framingham’s Chief Public Health Nurse and administrator of Medcial Reserve Corps volunteers, explains that in Framingham specifically, the Corps volunteers spend time with Health, Police and Fire Departments to assist with trainings, drills, exercises, and activities. 

Many of the volunteers are CPR, AED, and First Aid certified.

Some volunteers obtain more specialized training such as Shelter Operations and Pet Preparedness. Mahoney says that all these certifications “provide an emergency preparedness and response asset for the City of Framingham’s residents.”  

Mahoney points out that over the years, the MRC has helped hundreds of Framingham residents get trained in life saving methods such as choke relief, CPR, and more. The nearly 250 volunteers help the Health Department give thousands of flu shots each year, staff health screenings, staff shelters, and do much more to assist our community. 

As Public Health Nurse, Mahoney praised the volunteers, saying that “so much of what the Nursing Office is able to do depends on the MRC volunteers.” She says that even the non-medical volunteers play just as crucial of a role as medical volunteers; “When you think about a nurse who might be providing a flu shot at a flu clinic: there are so many other roles that must be staffed and filled before this can happen.” 

With all the hard work everyone puts into this organization, it is rewarding to see the MRC get honored by the Rotary Club. Mahoney said, “On behalf of all the volunteers in Framingham/4A MRC, we are all grateful for this recognition especially from an organization whose membership is also dedicated to volunteerism and the spirit of helping others. It makes it even more meaningful.” 

Report written by SOURCE intern Chad Douty, with additional reporting by SOURCE intern Kaylie Valente. Douty is a UMass Amherst student. Valente is a Framingham High student.


Petroni Media Company photo of Kitty Mahoney and Medical Reserve Corp members from 2018.

Members of the Medical Reserve Corps collecting unused and unwanted drugs at the police station in 2018

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