Police Seize 20 Marijuana Plants, $1,722, and Multiple Guns in Framingham Raid

FRAMINGHAM – Members of the MetroWest Drug Task Force seized 20 marijuana plants, more than $1,700 and multiple weapons and ammunition at a Prior Drive resident on August 7, according to a search warrant obtained by SOURCE at the Framingham Court House.

Members of the Framingham and Natick Police participated in the drug raid at 47 Prior Drive in Framingham on August 7.

A video, which included home security footage, went viral Sunday and Monday (and was posted by SOURCE yesterday).

No arrests or charges had been filed as of yesterday, August 12.

The 13-page search warrant was first made available today, August 13, at the court house

According to the warrant, Framingham Police received “numerous complaints” that over the “past few months, cars have been pulling up in front of 47 Prior Drive … and waiting for a young male to exit the house. As the male exits the dwelling, he enters the passenger seat of these waiting vehicles, a short exchange occurs, the young male leaves the vehicle, and enters 47 Prior Dr., while the other vehicle leaves. This is said to occur multiple times a day and with multiple different vehicles,” wrote Framingham Police to the judge to obtain the warrant to search the Prior Drive property.

Based on the complaints, Police “conducted surveillance” of the address on August 7.

“As the surveillance was being conducted we observed a young male with long black hair, a white sleeveless t-shirt and short enter and exit the front door of 47 prior Dr. numerous times. he entered multiple vehicles in the driveway,” wrote Police in the warrant.

Around 4 p.m. a Framingham Police Sgt. observed a grat Honda with a male driver pull up in front of 47 Prior Drive. Police observed an exchange, said the warrant.

The Sgt. ordered a detective to stop the vehicle. The stop occurred at Old Conn Path. The Wellesley driver was read his rights, and he waived them. according to that detective and a Natick detective, said the warrant.

The Wellesley driver said he “bought an ounce of marijuana from a kid named ‘Gino'” said the warrant. The Wellesley drive said he usually purchases from a purchased named “Ryan” at the same address, but this was the first time from “Gino,” according to the warrant.

At 4:10 p.m., Police observed Gineto Callahan enter his home and enter a Honda in his driveway. Police followed Callahan and stopped him on Concord Street, according to the warrant.

Callahan, according to the warrant, was read his rights and waived them, said the warrant.

Callahan told Police, according to the warrant, “he did sell an ounce of marijuana to a kid and received $200 for the ounce.” He told police the money was in his 47 Prior Drive house.

According to the warrant, he told Police “he just sells marijuana for extra cash and picks up about three zips a month (slang for an ounce.)”

Police asked him if he grows marijuana, and Callahan told Police no, according to the warrant.

Based on the confession to Police, according to the warrant, Police “decided to secure the home at 47 Prior Dr. and apply for a search warrant.”

At 4:40 p.m., according to the warrant, Police arrived at 47 Prior Drive and announced themselves to Antoinette Callahan. A Framingham detective found three rooms with marijuana plants, and estimated more than the 12 plants allowed under Massachusetts law for two adults in the home.

Police later seized almost 250 grams of marijuana and 20 marijuana plants, according to the warrant.

Police also seized multiple guns and ammunition, and the license to carry card for both Antoinette Callahan and Ryan Fogarty.

Police in the warrant said they were seeking evidence to charge individuals at 47 Prior Drive for distribution of a class D substance (marijuana) and manufacturing & cultivation of a Class D drug.

In a statement yesterday, Framingham Police said, “probable cause was found to issue the search warrant, and officers subsequently executed it at the home.”.

“Pursuant to the investigation police have applied for criminal charges, and a hearing is scheduled,” said Framingham Police yesterday.

The police officer demanding entrance to the 47 Prior Drive home to secure the home is not employed by Framingham. He is employed as a detective for the Town of Natick.

The police officer in the video threatening to shoot the dog in the video is employed by the City of Framingham.

The search was conducted by the MetroWest Drug Task Force. It officially began at 9;19 p.m. on August 7 and ended at 11:31 p.m. that day, according to court documents.

“In the best interest of everyone involved, we are thoroughly investigating the incident,” said Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer, in an email to the full 11-member City Council.


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