POLITICAL CORNER: Case & Morales-Stewart Endorsed By Mass Alliance; Framingham Candidates Take Positivity Pledge

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Case & Morales-Stewart Endorsed by Mass Alliance For Framingham City Council

FRAMINGHAM – Mass Alliance announced its Rising Star endorsement of
Robert Case, a candidate for District 5 City Councilor in Framingham, and Cesar Stewart-Morales, a candidate for District 2 Framingham City Councilor this week.

Case is the Chair of Framingham’s Strategic Initiative and Financial Oversight Committee (SIFOC), and previously ran for District 5 City Councilor in 2017, losing to Framingham City Council Chair Dennis Giombetti. He is a former Town Meeting member.

Stewart-Morales is a Commissioner on the Framingham Human Relations Commission and a former Town Meeting member,

Mass Alliance is a coalition for political candidates and advocacy organizations that work together to build a progressive Massachusetts. Mass Alliance supports candidates and
organizations whose progressive priorities include Civic Participation, Civil Rights, Economic Justice, Education, Environmental Protection, Healthcare, and Reproductive Rights

“Robert Case is a committed parent, a respected finance professional in the private sector, and proven leader in Framingham,” said Jordan Berg Powers, Director of Mass Alliance. “He stands up for progressive values and gets results. He is a sincere, dedicated advocate who works to improve the quality of life for individuals and for the community overall. Robert Case is the best candidate to represent District 5. We are proud to support him through our Rising Stars program.”

“We are proud to accept into our Rising Stars Program such a committed parent and multilingual financial leader in the alternative energy sector who has spent his life working hard to create successful outcomes,” said Berg Powers, Director of Mass Alliance. He went on, “Pam Richardson was an independent voice representing District 2. The integrity Cesar embodies, combined with his exceptional financial and multilingual skills demonstrate he is the person to continue as an independent voice for the district while working collaboratively with other councilors.”

“This endorsement is aligned with who I am,” said Case. “I am hopeful this endorsement will help the voters of District 5 understand my deep commitment to the values that will underscore my work on their behalf as District 5 City Councilor.”

“I am honored to be a part of Mass Alliance’s Rising Stars Program. I admire and respect the work Mass Alliance does and I believe that our shared values will serve the district very well,” said Stewart-Morales.

Case was elected to town meeting and served as Chair of Precinct 8. He was also on the Ways and Means Committee. He was directly involved with the town’s annual budget process analyzing and reviewing all municipal departments’ budgets, operations and projects, according to a press release by Mass Alliance. He lost to Giombetti by 40 votes.

“Voters are telling me they won’t let that happen again,” he said. “I am
certainly doing my part to make sure they are right!”

Case provides oversight for a multi-million dollar budget at an international asset management firm. He has also worked as an administrator in the non-profit sector in education and the arts. He has a Master’s degree from the Boston Conservatory and a Bachelor’s from Wingate University. Robert’s personal leadership style is to find common ground between diverse
viewpoints, explore options, and approach issues with mutual respect and common sense.

“I am committed to working hard and smart to deliver the best outcomes for Framingham,” he said.

Speaking from the heart Case said in a press release, “The city’s future is exciting and important to all of us. I want to contribute even more to that future by serving as City Councilor for District 5. I have the skills, character, experience, and judgment to make a positive impact. I will continue
reaching out, listening, and working to earn your trust, support and your vote in the Fall. I ask District 5 residents to please connect and get involved with my campaign and I thank Mass Alliance for this honor.”

Case and his husband are raising three adopted children who attend the Framingham Public Schools.

Morales-Stewart graduated from Framingham High School in 2000. He earned a B.S. in Corporate Finance and Accounting from Bentley University and an MBA from Clark University. He is a senior member of the finance team of a multi-billion dollar, privately held renewable energy power producer. In addition to his finance skills, he can communicate in four
languages – Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

“District 2 is a historic part of Framingham seeking to balance preservation and growth. I am involved with many neighborhood groups and I understand the district’s concerns and interests very well,” said Morales.

Morales-Stewart provides financial services as a volunteer at Family Equality, a national non-profit that advocates for LGBTQ+ families. As a Commissioner on the HRC, he has played a vital role in filling historically vacant commission seats and has worked to build and strengthen relationships with the greater Framingham community. During his time as
Commissioner, he has been a vocal advocate for equity and inclusion. He was recently a keynote speaker at Framingham’s inaugural Pride Flag Raising ceremony. His initiative to include local leaders and more residents in HRC meetings has helped establish the Commission as a key community partner. “I believe in the basic principle of ‘Work Together, Achieve More.’ I envision a City Council that works to strengthen its lines of communication with the Mayor and the community. Framingham residents are the ones that stand to gain by having a more collaborative government that works together to get things done. That’s what I’m committed to do if I’m elected to City Council,” said Morales-Stewart.

Morales-Stewart and his husband, Jeff, live on Colby Avenue with their two children, who were adopted from MA foster care.


Framingham Candidates Accept Leombruno’s Pledge For Positive Campaign

FRAMINGHAM – Janet Leombruno, Framingham Housing Authority Commissioner and a candidate for Framingam Councilor At Large, announced her pledge for a positive campaign back in June.

“Our neighbors deserve a positive campaign. It is important they have the opportunity to hear about a candidate’s stance of the issues facing Framingham and their ideas how to address it, instead of petty political gossip and character assassination,” said Leombruno.

Since then a majority of candidates have signed onto the pledge, including George King, Mike Cannon, Karen Foran Dempsey, Tiffanie Cameron Maskell, Philip Ottaviani, Jessica Barnhill, Richard Finlay, Noval Alexander, Scott Wadland, Cheryl Gordon, John Stefanini, Richard Baritz, Adam Freudberg, Joe Norton, and Bill Lynch. 

“Thank you for the overwhelming amount of texts, messages and calls regarding my pledge for a positive campaign! It reaffirms what I have heard so far – people want to talk about the issues, not get caught up in petty political gossip,” said Leombruno. “I look forward to hearing from more candidates as the campaign continues.”


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