Framingham Farmers’ Market Celebrates National Farmers Market Week

FRAMINGHAM – It is a very bright and hot day at the Framingham Farmers market. The vendors sit in their tents, waiting for someone to stop by, but not many people come – it seems very slow today.

One vendor wishes that more new people would show up, considering that this week is National Farmers Market Week.

The vendor at the stand is a woman named Cheryl Cellucci, who runs a bakery named Great Harvest Bread Co. in Newton.

Although she does not quite remember what year she started selling in Framingham, she has been here, along with a few others (such as Hanson’s Farm), since the very first farmer’s market.

Cellucci said that she cherishes all the years she has spent out in Framingham because it is “pretty laid back,” and it also allows her to get to know everyone in the city.

“I am very, very lucky that I have a local following here,” she said. “I’ve really gotten to know all my customers and what they want.”

Many residents of Framingham seem to really enjoy going to the market.

“I like the convenience, the location, and the variety of items,” said Jennifer Toth, a resident who has lived in Framingham for 19 years. “I plan my meals around it.”

Toth said that one thing that she would like to see more of would be more vendors.

But overall, she is happy that there is a way to get fresh food in Framingham.

“We are so very fortunate that we have a farmers market here every year,” she said.

National Farmers Market Week this year is from August 4-August 10.

Its goal is to “show the nation how much value markets bring to their communities,” according to the National Farmers Market Coalition website. To find out more about them, go to


Photos and report by SOURCE intern Nick Barry, a Westfield State student.

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