UPDATED: Framingham Man Creating Free Youth Ultimate Frisbee League in Fall

FRAMINGHAM – A Framingham man is starting a free Youth Ultimate Frisbee league for the city in the fall.

“This is the town where I was born, raised, currently live, but not where I learned ultimate Frisbee,” said Shanton Anderson. “Framingham has no youth Ultimate leagues, so I am looking to change this!  

  “I am starting a youth Ultimate Frisbee League in Framingham, and other towns are also allowed to participate, as long as the majority of players are from Framingham,” said Anderson.

“I already have nearly 40 children from Framingham signed up as interested players after having our site up for only 2 days.”

“I have been working with the town of Framingham over the past few months to secure a field for the inaugural season of the Framingham Youth Ultimate-Frisbee League.”

So, what is Ultimate Frisbee?

“It is an amazing non-contact sport, with lots of running, great sportsmanship, high-competitiveness, and great team camaraderie. Ultimate is a sport that is played on a football/soccer sized field. The object is to move a Frisbee down the field to score in a designated end-zone, like football, while not running while the Frisbee is in your hand. It is great for all ages, athletic abilities, and skill levels. Speed and size are not always advantageous,” explained Anderson.

How can I register?

Please fill out our survey below to sign up for our mailing list. People on the mailing list will be sent the league registration form, once enough people have responded, said Anderson.

Survey: https://forms.gle/1W6Rmm5BzdYzY2h4A

This initial season is set to run from the first Saturday in September (September 7) until the last Saturday in October (October 26), said Anderson.

The League is “FREE! The cost for this inaugural season is $0, and the hope is to keep it that way for future seasons, if possible,” said Anderson.

The league is currently intended for non-high school kids, ages 8 – 13.

“We do have some availability for children from other towns, so feel free to invite friends from the surrounding area,” said Anderson.

What equipment is required?

  • Soccer Cleats are recommended, but sneakers can be used.
  • Athletic clothing is recommended.
  • FYUL (pronounced FUEL) will provide pinnies during practices and games for this first season.
  • FYUL will have discs available to use during practices and games.
  • Mouth-guards are optional, similar to soccer and basketball.

Games will be held on Saturdays (time is currently TBD, based on responses) The session will be 90-minutes long (30 min practice, with 60 min game), said Anderson.

This will be a co-ed league, teams will be separated based on ages, he said.

Games will be played at Cameron Middle fields.

We will be using the Discraft Ultrastar 175g Frisbee discs, he said.

“These seem to be the most popular brand and style in the Ultimate Frisbee community. If you want a disc of your own, to practice at home, you can order one through Discraft directly or through many other online retailers,” he added.


Contact & Questions:

Website: https://www.framinghamyouthultimateleague.com/  

Email: FraminghamYouthUltimateLeague@gmail.com

Editor’s note: the original post on August 8, was updated on August 9.

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